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Based on the responses on Facebook and Twitter, most moms wait until their child asks to have their ears pierced, which usually happens somewhere between four and seven years old.
I had my ears pierced at age 13 and yes, I had to wait *ages* to persuade my Dad to allow it.
Taking a stand and enforcing it is SO tough as a parent, but it takes a lot less effort to steer the ship as soon as a course correction is needed rather than right before the crash. In response to Caro who wants a professional piercer to do it, I’ve had it done with the punch and the pro and the punch is more comfortable.
As for my 6 year old daughter, she wants to get her ears pierced and I’ve said no, for a different set of reasons.
In my graduate schooling I had a guest lecture by a neurologist who told us about a case where I very young girl had died of meningitis with 24 hrs of having her ears pierced. While I understand and respect that ear piercing is the norm in various cultures, for me it would just look wierd on my own daughter and I feel no cultural pressure to do so. The post about Traditional Chinese Medicine and ear piercing had points that were new and interesting to me.
I remember we studied at University (teacher – my background) that it is not recommended to pierce at least till 12. I don’t know what is best recommended when it comes to the method (with the machine or with a needle or something). Some parents think that piercing a baby's ears is a good idea, while others won't pierce their daughter's ears for years. As a rule, I would recommend only allowing your child to stretch to a 4G, as it’s a pretty safe bet that their ears will shrink back down from that size.
Also, the article says to not allow them to stretch more often than one size every three weeks. Based on the number of responses everyone here at VancouverMom.ca could tell this was a hot topic.

Babies can be easily held still for the piercing, and they won’t pull on their ears or interfere with the cleaning process.
It was therefore an easy decision in my book, when my daughter turned 13 that would be the deal for her, too.
She believes in the power of the Internet to connect people, and she believes that numbers are the poetry of the universe.
She is almost 16 months old now, and I guess I’ll wait until she consciously makes the decision of going through the (painful) process. She’s likely going to get them done at some point so on one hand I think I might as well get them done now so I have a little more control over keeping them clean. Something to do with them growing and still developing, and some special points in their ears still developing (acupuncturist probably would know)… True or not, I am waiting till my baby is 12! I decided to have it done at this age for many reasons: to ensure that I am in control of keeping the new piercing clean, her hair is still short so it will not get caught in the new piercings, with her being young she does not tug or pull on her ears so there is no worry with the healing process, and she has had three sets of immunizations now so I worry a little less about her getting an infection from it. I grew up in London, England and the majority of my friends had their ears pierced around the same age I did, but it seems here in Canada, a great many of my daughter’s friends had theirs done when they were much much younger.
You can often find her knitting, sewing, volunteering, working in her garden, and sneaking chocolate when no one's looking. I’ve never had it done by a professional piercer but I had three times with the punch and had infections all the time and the holes end up closing and now I have a little bit of scar tissue on one ear.
Then, for some reason, I had to had them re-pierced when I was around 4 or 5 years old, and I remember it was painful but I still wanted them re-pierced. On the other hand, they grow up so fast and I’m not sure why she needs pierced ears at such a young age?
I am intimately aquainted with all the pro propaganda but my experience is that the punch is less drawn out and intense experience, but less likely to put the hole where you want it. The eyesight point (and the hearing point) allowing for genetic diversity in it’s precise location in each person, are right in the lobe of each ear.

This reduces the buildup of scar tissue and makes it easier for the hole to close up when your kid doesn’t want them anymore. Plus, most younger people have a lower pain tolerance so you should longer than a month between stretches. When my daughter was showing attitude and behavior of being defiant I immediately sent her to camp because I have heard stories that their children went bad because they were too relaxed and didn’t mind the unusual change. But what I don’t see is beautiful, softly haired, divinely perfect, as fresh as they come, earlobes with no holes in them. Longer waiting times gives them a chance to decide if they really want to size up and become accustomed to larger earrings.
Back then it was rare for a child to have their ears pierced and now it is rare to see a child without.
I strongly feel that with ear piercing comes responsibility, they need regular cleaning and looking after and I think at 13 a girl can do this pretty much independently. It was not a difficult decision for me to choose to have my child’s ears pierced at all. However at the age my daughter first asked me, on her fifth birthday and then every year thereafter, I don’t think that responsibility can be fulfilled. It would my job to do and with three kids, selfishly I see it as just one more thing on my list!
As I say to my daughter, every time she asks, she will wait until she is 13 and she will still have over 50 years (please G-d!) to enjoy them!

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