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The major risks of an industrial piercing include ear deformation, migration and even rejection.
Yes, because the piercing is so close to your vital organs so if you think yours is infected get it sorted ASAP hope it helped ;) x ----Any infection is dangerous. 1) Navel– There are many variations of the navel piercing, some people pierce their navel in several spots. 3) Tongue– Another popular piercing that dates back many centuries, the tongue piercing can be done many different ways. 5) Helix– When it comes to an ear piercing the most popular form of body modification is piercing the cartilage.
Some pierce the tongue web, other have the standard tongue piercing, or a double tongue ring. When you are thinking about what your next piercing will be if you do not have one of these piercings done, you should consider it!

Someone very experienced should preform this piercing, as if it is not done properly, the risk grows higher. You want to take good care of it to avoid infection and really check out the body piercer, to make sure they… are legit. If it goes untreated, it can get into your bloodstream(sepsis) and once that happens your health deteriorates VERY quickly.
Body piercing now is typically done for self expression, fashion, and trends rather than cultural and spiritual beliefs as they were in the past.
There are many variations of a nose piercing like a septum ring, or rhino piercing but over all the variations the nostril is the most popular of them all. Piercing the ears has been around for many years as well cartilage piercings are popular amongst people of all ages.
The nostril piercing dates back to the bible and has been worn across the globe for centuries.

No matter how you look at it piercing the tongue is a hot commodity for people of all ages, both men and women have tongue piercings. The helix piercing is not a gender specific piercing both men and women have this piercing.
You can catch man celebrities with belly button rings like Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, and Brittany Spears just to name a few.

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