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When I studied abroad in London, I accompanied a couple of friends to a tattoo and piercing parlor in Camden.
I would love to have my lip and nose pierced, but unfortunately, I am in health care and they don’t like that to well. I’ve wanted my septum pierced for about a year, so obviously really thought about it.
Then I started college when I was 18 and got a nose ring cause I really wanted one, but let me warn you.. Remember, you’re not allergic to the piercing you’re allergic to the jewelry, but it is possible for a piercing to reject!
While one was confident about getting her septum piercing, the other was so nervous about getting her nostril pierced that I was convinced that she would either run out of the shop or throw up before the process was over.
I got my ears pierced when I was a baby so I don’t remember any of the pain associated with it. So think it over and see what your friends and family thing, but ultimately go with your gut. Some people are not able to tolerate having a foreign object in their bodies– not just a metal allergy.
My ears swelled up and it got crusty and I cleaned it and everything, but the years went on and it didn’t bother me anymore. I used to have a ‘reaction when I had certain earrings in, but surgical steel never does.

Miraculously, despite her fears of unbearable¬†pain and crusty¬†infections, she went through with it and it looked great. So if you’re like me and are toying with the idea of getting some more piercings, here are 10 things to consider before going under the needle.
That nose piercing you were thinking about might not look as hot as you thought it would!Source: Shutterstock Go To A Reputable PlaceThe Internet is your friend, okay? I still have many problems with the ear piercings I got at Claire’s, but my others are great!
It was one of the first times I seriously considered it and to this day a part of me still wants one. Having a foreign object in my nose made it so my body couldn’t fight off bacteria as well. Luckily, stainless steel is pretty much an industry standard at this point, which is far less likely to cause a reaction. It messed with my sinus passage and I was literally sick for 4 months coughing up crud and blowing my nose (which isn’t pleasant with a nose ring either) and all sorts of unpleasant unnecessary drama. But beware of certain materials causing rash, redness, itching, oozing, and other irritants.
O and when your sick, stuff builds up on your nose ring and you have to scrap it off or it makes it hard and even more painful to get out of your nose.
You will probably receive some antiseptic from the piercing parlor, so make sure to follow their instructions unless you want to end up with a crusty, pus filled mess at your piercing site.Source: Shutterstock You Might Not Love ItIf you get your piercing and you don't love it, please know that you're not alone!

But before you take it out, make sure that your disenchantment isn't due to the actual piece of jewelry you're wearing--it might not be your cup of tea--or simply needing to get used your new look!Source: Shutterstock Be Prepared For Some HatersNot everybody is gonna be jazzed about your decision to get a piercing. Make sure that you know if your school or place of work allows piercings before you get one. You don't want to roll up to school with your dope new piercing only to get hauled into the principal's office. Source: Shutterstock Take It Out If You're Not Feeling ItLook, if you just got your piercing and you're seriously having second thoughts, just take the ring out. Source: Shutterstock Don't Feel LimitedPiercings can be so fun and really show off your creativity.
Get some earrings that dangle, cute studs, awesome hoops for that nose or lip piercing and anything and everything in between. Of course, you don't have to wear them all at once but just know that there aren't any real rules with this.

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