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So which is it, a harmless cultural tradition and a matter of personal taste, or a painful, unnecessary ordeal inflicted by mean parents? When her daughter was born six years ago, it was tough for Soto to find someone who would pierce her newborn’s ears in Denver.
Gina Crosley-Corcoran, feminist blogger, doula, and mother of three, recounts how family and friends started asking her when she was going to get her baby Jolene’s ears pierced. The way she sees it, there are certain decisions that people should make for themselves once they reach the age of consent. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ website says ear piercing is safe for cosmetic reasons at any age. That said, she explains that she rarely sees infections in the baby’s she pierces, since moms are careful to apply rubbing alcohol or an antibiotic ointment to their ears twice a day during the healing process. While shopping with Kara a few weeks ago, I found myself in the diaper aisle next to another woman who had a baby about Kara’s age in her cart. One thing that struck me when I glanced at the woman’s baby, was the glint of her pink, sparkly earrings.
Of course, I haven’t even had one of those flowery headbands on Kara yet, which I think might be some sort of fashion crime against baby girls. When it comes down to it, I don’t feel super strongly about other people having their little girls ears pierced. I asked the moms on my Facebook page last week how they feel about babies and ear piercing, and I received a range of responses.
I don’t think its a matter of being right or wrong because it is not a moral dilemma.
So, even it if it really isn’t an issue of right or wrong, it is an interesting topic. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Since it only causes a few moments of pain for the baby, and your child will quickly forget it, some parents don’t see the harm in baby ear piercing. You may want to choose baby ear piercing, since older children might be more hesitant to allow you to clean the ears or change the earrings. Ear piercing is sometimes held off so that it can be a special memory for mother and daughter to share. The official word from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is that parents should wait until their daughter is old enough to care for the ear piercing herself.
If you are dead set on piercing a baby’s ears, the AAP recommends that you try to wait until two weeks after your baby has her first tetanus shot (which occurs at two months). If you’re dead set on getting your babies ears pierced, I would highly recommend that you wait until she is two months old (or older). If you decide to get your baby’s ears pierced, you’ll want to keep a few safety rules in mind. First, not all ear-piercing businesses have the proper equipment or staff that is trained in working with babies and young children. Some pediatricians will pierce your baby’s ears at their office (usually with a sterilized needle), or they may give you a recommendation to someone they trust. Once you get home, it’s up to you to care for the newly pierced ears to reduce the risk of infection and to quicken the healing process. At least twice a day, make sure that you gently rotate the earrings and clean the front and back of her ear lobes with rubbing alcohol, an antiseptic product, or an antibiotic ointment. If the area around the piercing becomes red or tender, this is a sign of an infection and you should call your doctor right away.
Infection – After you get your baby’s ears pierced, you’ll want to pay careful attention to any signs of infection.
Always contact your doctor if your baby’s ear becomes red, there is pus around the piercing, or your baby develops a fever for no reason.
Allergic Reactions – Sometimes, an allergic reaction to the metals in the earring can cause the earlobe to become infected.
Keloid Formation – After the ears are pierced, the body will try to heal the area of trauma. Choking Hazard of Earrings – If you decide to get your baby’s ears pierced, it’s important that you choose earrings that don’t fall out easily.
Tearing of the Earlobe – When a young child wears dangling or hooped earrings, she’s at higher risk of tearing her earlobes during play. My mom got my ears pierced when i was 1 month old and I didn’t have any complications. I have 2 daughter’s, 3 yo and 3 wks old, and my husband and I decided not to pierce their ears. Personally, I’m afraid to expose my child to unnecessary risk for aesthetic purposes. Tina, comparing parents who pierce their children’s ears to abusive, uncaring parents is a step too far. There are many cultural and family traditions that some people follow which includes piercing a daughter’s ear from the get go. While my husband and I are waiting for our daughter to be a little older before getting her ears pierced, we very much support those parents who choose to do it earlier. I think it is up to the parents if they decide to have their daughters’ ears pierced when they are babies. I did not sift through comments, but I did want to mention that some of this information is incorrect (twisting of the earrings for example is damaging healing tissue).

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If you already knew you were against it, why would you ask a random mother at the store if she planned on doing it?
It’s sad how people can be so vicious and judgmental about something so small as ear piercings. If people are going to say it’s barbaric to get their daughters ears pierced, than they better not get their child vaccinated or circumcised. When I was a teenager I went to get a second hole and I remember it not being painful at all. I think about getting my baby a tattoo because i think it looks great maybe later some eyebrow piercings and a swastika symbol on here head you because i feel like it.
Much like you, your baby girl too wants to look good and even though United States usually waits for the baby to grow up to a formidable age until practicing ear piercing, most of the eastern countries engage in the thought of piercing the baby’s ears.
However, prior to this, do take your baby for a routine check up, making sure all her body vitals are in proper levels and ready for the procedure.
All those childhood years of you pulling the ring off with the classic style has finally paid you off good and now you want to implement the same to your child.
The last to the list looks something like a star fish, pretty and alluring with a soft ocean blue stone right in the middle surrounded my small specs of dazzling stones. That’s the question kicking up dust in the parenting blogosphere, with moms on either side debating what, for some, is a cultural tradition while others simply like how it looks. To pierce or not to pierce a baby’s ears — like so many other aesthetic decisions — is firmly a parent’s prerogative. After four months of calling pediatricians’ office and “getting nowhere,” she brought her baby to a “kiddie salon” that specializes in child and tween ear piercing. Jolene’s father is Mexican, and Crosely-Corcoran had her own ears done before she was old enough to remember it. For her, ear piercing is an issue of bodily integrity, and not something a parent should choose for her daughter before she can choose for herself. Tanya Altmann, a pediatrician in West Lake Village, Calif., and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, routinely pierces babies’ ears in her office. We exchanged pleasantries as we plucked our diapers of choice off the shelf, and parted ways. I dread taking her to the pediatrician for shots, so, I am not going to volunteer her to have two holes punched in her ears for the sake of the gaze of others. I can’t deny that a baby girl with pierced ears is adorable, however, a baby girl without pierced ears is equally adorable. Something I found interesting, was that many women felt they wanted to do it early so their daughter wouldn’t remember the pain. It is a fond memory, and I am thankful that it is an experience I can actually recall, instead of pierced ears being something that was always there, like my nose or my eyes. Our pediatrician’s office offers the service, so I knew it would be sterile and fine.
Subjecting your infant to an unnecessary painful experience for your satisfaction is selfish! It ranks up there with the breastfeeding versus breastfeeding debate, or the controversy over cloth diapers vs.
Some parents pierce their baby’s ears because they believe it’s less painful at such a young age. Babies may not notice that the earrings are there, making it easier for you to care for the newly pierced ears. Plus, the AAP doesn’t recommend you pierce your baby’s ears, since there is a higher risk of an infant accidentally swallowing the tiny earrings. By this time, her immune system may be strong enough to handle mild infections that may occur. If not, call around and find an ear piercing business that has the right equipment to handle working with babies. For example, ear-piercing guns aren’t recommended for piercing babies’ ears, since they cannot be sterilized. The gold (14 karat) will lower your baby’s risk of having an allergic reaction or inflammation. Both of us come from a cultural background where piercing an infant girls ears is the norm, so it was hard for many in the family to understand why we decided to go against tradition. I have two daughters and both had their ears pierced on the day when they were three months old.
In most Latin American cultures, baby ear piercing is the norm and your first baby earrings are a very sentimental item. When my daughter wanted hers, she was 12 an I only agreed once she had done research to understand how it would be done and the care involved after.
You are making a permanent new hole in a person and sticking metal through it WITHOUT the consent of that person if they are too young to even talk!!! Parents who do such thinks to there baby are no better then cultures who mutilate baby genitals for there religion.
Now one of the cons to this idea would be that the babies feel the pain more at their age and the pain cannot be aided by prescription pain killers. The picture here shows how you can put this round chakra earring on your baby and have her flawlessly flaunt it.
You don’t want to harass your kid with a heavy earring piece that would weigh her down and keep her uncomfortable.

This particular earring is a bit of a hanger, as in the earring starts from the source but the main attraction of the piece is a bit lower than the lobe.
This is probably one of the reason why your kid should opt for a small golden ring that would keep the age old class in place while keeping her ears attractive. This earring is solely based on a formidable shiny pearl that makes up for the whole of the earring. You can implement this earring maybe with some other modifications into your child’s ear but there is always a chance that the dazzling rock might add to some weight.
But she does prefer to wait until her patients are at least four months old, so they’ve had two rounds of vaccinations, and have been given a clean bill of health. I like that they will not remember the pain of having their ears pierced (I remember mine!) nor did they have to deal with twirling the earrings and cleaning them with alcohol swabs. When my daughter is able to ask about it and understand how to properly care for them herself, she can have her ears pierced. Others pierce for more practical reasons – It solves gender identification problems in girls. If your child is pierced with a gun, there’s a higher risk for her to contract hepatitis or another type of infection.
So, when you ask the pediatrician for his advice, just be wary that his answer can go either way.
After her ears are pierced, her body will sense that it is no longer whole and will try to heal the affected site. Your baby’s ear lobes can get infected if the equipment used was not sterile, if the earrings used have dirty posts, or if the earrings are clasped too tightly. Keloids occur when the body over-defends itself and goes overboard, leading to large scar tissue.
The sharp posts can accidentally fall inside the ear lobe and need to be medically removed.
They had it done at my local hairdressers where the woman that does the ear piercing encourages all her cutomers who have little girls to let her pierce their ears once they have reached three months old.
I have gotten my ears pierce 3 times in my entire life before the fourth time, which finally stayed in. Its barbaric to do this to a person no matter their age without their consent and should be outlawed. Still so, there are different ideologies that we respect and if you want to go ahead with your ear piercing, here is a list of all the types you might want to opt for. That is why the best way is to opt for a simple stud, light in color that would match her age but still make her look trendy.
Often these earrings are a bit heavy weight even though the specially made ones come with lightweight features too. Once again, this is a hanger ending beyond the lobe of the ear and therefore special attention should be given to the weight of the ring. At times like this, the base of the earring should be made lightweight to even out the weight. As a result, there may be some swelling, redness, or inflammation around the near gold stud. However, experts recommend that babies wear gold posts for the first year to prevent any infections. You can avoid infections by cleaning your baby’s ears with rubbing alcohol or antibiotic ointment on a twice a day basis.
But I can easily accomplish that by dressing her in pinks, purples and pastels, pretty dresses, and adorning her hair with barettes, bows, and colorful bands.
So, the first reason is that no mother would want to have their baby cry of pain just because they want the baby’s ears pierced. But if you do, please never say anything or have any opinion bout anything because you lost that right. Some parents are appalled and disgusted that you would even think about piercing an infant’s ears; others think those little diamond studs in your baby’s ears are cute. Some people say that its better to do it in infancy so that the child doesn’t remember the pain.
We have had no problems with them at all and some of their friends who do not wear earrings are very envious of their friends who do.
The second reason is that you would not want to risk the baby’s ears getting infected. It doesn’t affect you so why would you make another person feel bad about their own parenting? Well, I’ve been pierced twice in young adulthood, and the pain was nowhere near severe.
I do recommend the child wearing high quality earrings because of the toxicity of some metals and paints. It’s not like circumcision, where waiting until adulthood to do it would be far more painful, greater risk for complication, and increased recovery time. If anything, in having a multi-cultural background I was actually surprised when I learned that it *wasn’t* the norm to have your ears pierced from the get go.
The other day, while shopping, I saw a new mother loading her beautiful little newborn girl into the shopping cart.

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