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While piercing it is essential to remember that you need to take care of the perforated area. The aforementioned are some types of ear cartilage piercing, which may seem easy to hear but it is difficult to undergo and take care of, one should ensure hygiene and cleanliness of the pierced region.
Before you start cleansing ear piercing you should clean your hands with antibacterial soap. According to some ancient beliefs it is said that applying coconut oil on the pierced region and moving the ear rig back and forth would speed up the healing process. Changing the jewelry during the healing process of the pierced ear, may damage the region; this may also slow down the healing.
Infection of ear cartilage piercing can be irritating and may make the healing process very slow. Bacterial infection may make things worse with your pierced ear cartilage, therefore disinfect the region regularly.
Ensure to follow these tips as, these are few important measures that may help you in preventing bacterial infection from affecting you ear cartilage piercing. What Guys Said 13 martyfellow Master mho 20% My feelings vary from dislike (double ear) to hatred (navel, nose, industrial.) Your boyfriend is right. Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. The area is sensitive and regeneration of the cartilage is very slow, which makes it essential to take appropriate care.
While rook piercing is a vertical piercing, snug piercing is horizontal piercing done at anti helix. A hole is made at the tragus where bar bells, rings, bead rings or other adornments can be worn.
Wet the region with plain water and use small amount of antibacterial detersive to make leather on the affected region. But again you have to ensure that the area is not touched with unwashed or unhygienic hands.

Hence, allow the perforated region to cure completely before you change your ear adornment. Such conditions show symptoms like increased pain or irritation of the pierced area, foul fluid discharge, redness of perforated region and sometimes swelling.
Helix ear piercing may be very irritating and painful while sleeping, during initial few weeks, as it heals through the course of time, it may turn normal. Sometimes it may become difficult to have rook as well as snug piercing due to deformed ears. Remove the crusted discharge using wet cotton swab, ensure to clean it away from the jewelry as well. You will be able to determine easily whether the piercing is cured, by rotating or moving the ear ring back and forth. If such a condition is noticed at the punctured region, ensure to consult your doctor and seek treatment. However, through the course of time the practice evolved and is now done anywhere suitable on ear.
It is believed that it takes approximately 3 to 12 months for the ear cartilage piercing to get cured. Leave the antibacterial detersive on the piercing for sometime while moving the adornment forth and back to loosen its hold and allow the solution enter the minute hole. If it easily happens without irritation then it is healed and you can change your adornment then. The piercing creates small hole in the cartilage or earlobe which helps the person to wear earring or other adornments. The navel piercing would be covered by my shirt, and most of the ear ones would be covered by my hair.
There are numerous options in regards to location of piercing, angles, adornment option etc. To avoid infection at the perforated region you should not touch it with unwashed hands neither allow anyone else to touch it.

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Not to mention you have to be super careful when washing your hair because the soap is bad for it. The piercing itself doesn't hurt when you get it but other than that, after about a month you should be able to touch it and such.
My aunt is a radiologist and this woman came in to get an x-ray because she was having pain around her piercing and it turns out she hadn't cleaned it for a few days and there was so much infection around the piercing they had to take it out and cut open around it to drain it out.
Maybe my body had a higher tolerance for it.Thanks for the information about the industrial.
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