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A nape piercing is a contemporary surface piercing through the back part of the neck, just below the hairline. Due to the location on the body, piercing urban legends associate nape piercings with a potential for nerve and spinal damage. As with any piercing, it is important to strictly follow your piercer’s aftercare guidelines. With nostril piercings being so prevalent around the globe, there’s bound to be confusion at one time or another, but stick to these facts, and you should be able to decipher almost any nose ring conversation. School is out, prom is about to pass, and after all of the hubbub that comes with the beginning of a whole season of fun in the sun, all of our minds are turning to one of the best things about Summer: love.
Want a flash of rosy ink without the commitment?  Then try on some temporary body art that delivers a punch of flowery color. An anchor can also have spiritual connotations dealing with intuition and the meaning of life. Although anchors and all things nautical are always fashion staples, right now they are extra huge trends.
Both simple and elaborate anchor tattoos as part of a bigger piece or independent are very popular with females and males alike.
Professional piercers are extensively trained, going through an apprenticeship with an experienced professional long before they pierce on their own.
The extremely sharp, hollow needle that a piercer uses creates a much healthier puncture rather than the blunt tissue trauma that occurs with a stud gun. A professional piercer would never subject a new piercing to that kind of treatment.  The needle slices safely through the skin, quickly and mostly painlessly. Surface piercings have a higher rejection and migration rate and must be measured and placed properly, so it’s very important to go to an experienced piercer for this procedure.
A surface bar is a barbell that goes under the skin; it is shaped like an open staple with a longer shaft and two shorter upright threaded legs. Microdermal implants are single point surface piercing where the base is inserted under the skin, the threading protrudes, and a decorative top screws into the threading and sits flush on the flesh.
It was, and still is, popular for sailors to get anchor tattoos as a sign of experience and respect for the sea.
Anchor belly rings, earrings, plugs, dermal tops, bracelets, necklaces and more are everywhere right now.
Anchors surrounded by roses or composed completely of flowers, tribal anchors, girly anchors with bows, and banners or hearts with words complementing the anchor are also common takes on the icon.
I don’t know who would ever think that a mall kiosk, staffed by a teenager with very little training who is equipped with a piercing gun would be a better option than a trained professional piercer. Earring studs used in guns are very dull comparatively, which requires much more force to poke through. Jewelry must be surgical grade stainless steel or titanium, including barbells and BCRs that are specifically designed to be in a new piercing.

This is extra important with a surface piercing because improper bar size can cause infection or rapid rejection and discomfort, especially since it rests under the skin. The threaded portions protrude from the skin and are where the balls or decorations are attached. These piercings can be arranged in a vertical line, or placed symmetrically on either side of center of the nape to give the same appearance as a surface bar.
Nape piercings do not intermingle with nerve tissue more than any other surface piercing, and there is no risk of nerve damage associated with them. Because of the placement on the back of the neck, where you cannot see, it may be difficult for you to clean the piercing without the help of a friend.
An obvious connection to sailors and those who work on the water is the physical use of an anchor in their work.
The earliest forms of an anchor were used by early Christians to hide the symbol of the cross from the Greeks. I have seen anchor tattoos under the collar bone on each side, the hand, legs, back, side, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine being tattooed. Piercers learn about where to pierce, infection control, and how to prevent the contraction of blood borne pathogens, Hepatitis, HIV, and other diseases.
An autoclave machine is an oven of sorts that uses intense pressure and heat to sterilize surgical and piercing tools. The stud earring is abruptly shot through the flesh, essentially ripping the skin,  and the wound is capped off with snug fitting jewelry that generally has a butterfly backing.
Piercers always consider swelling and make sure that the jewelry is long enough to accommodate this. The main difference between a surface piercing and a standard piercing is that the surface piercing has entrance and exit holes that go through the same plane of a flat area of skin, such as the nape.
This piercer placed the piercing slightly higher on the neck because Michele wears a necklace everyday, and he did not want the nape piercing to hinder that. Just like all piercings, the first step for speedy healing is keeping the piercing clean and free from bacteria. Anchor tattoos have been widely popular since the early days of modern tattooing, and retro tattoo designs of all kinds are rising in popularity due to the current trend climate. Nautical elements such as stripes, mermaids, shells, rope, and boat parts are often seen in conjunction with and complimenting the anchor. Ear piercings are just the same as any other piercing and should not be treated lightly, and according to the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) getting your child’s ears pierced at a piercing shop is always the better choice. Cleanliness in general is one of the deciding factors in going to a piercing parlor over a kiosk.
They will also usually offer a free jewelry change when the piercing is healed enough and the swelling goes down. The piercer then extensively massaged the back of the neck to separate the tissue, pinching it with his gloved fingers and the forceps.

Titanium surface bars are the most common jewelry used for this piercing, because titanium is nickel free and is less prone to causing irritation. Most body piercers will recommend cleaning the piercing with daily sea salt soaks, and also taking precautions to make sure that your hair does not get entangled in the piercing, and avoiding sleeping on your back during the initial healing period. The modern-retro revival of Rockabilly and Pinup style has embraced traditional tattoos as a staple of the look and lifestyle. Many people get anchor tattoos to symbolize personal goals being reached new beginnings forged. Piercers are used to dealing with people who are nervous or uneasy, and can maintain a steady hand in this situation, while stud guns are clumsy and make it much easier to pierce crooked.
Also, if you have ever inspected the butterfly back of an earring you will see a good amount of gunk.
Anatomy will decide the shape, size, and gauge needed to allow easier healing, better blood circulation, and prevent migration. Tygon or PTFE barbells can also be used.  Most nape surface piercings are done in two steps. Crooked piercings are sometimes painful, may have difficulty healing, and make it harder to stretch or add more piercings later. As long as a parent or guardian and the proper identification are present, you should be good to go. The initial bar has longer rises to accommodate swelling and the second has shorter rises to be inserted months later once the healing process has taken place. When we raise the anchor and set sail we venture into a new adventure where freedom, dreams, and aspirations are all brought to light and explored. Someone may get an anchor tattoo to show that their significant other gives them strength and keeps them steady. Do your research, as depending on age each state may have different laws about children and piercing parlors. When I have children, and if they decide that they want to have their ears pierced, I will definitely take them to him. It is used with X’s to symbolize the straightedge movement (drug and alcohol free lifestyle). According to both her and the piercer (who also has his nape pierced), the clamps and tissue massage hurt much more than the actual poke itself.

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