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Gauging ears is a skill that you can carry out yourself, but the initial piercing should be done by a professional at 16g, knowing your ultimate goal. Gauging ears refers to increasing the size of an existing ear piercing, generally in the ear lobe, and the technique is also known as stretch piercing.
To reduce the chances of infection, make sure the piercing equipment is properly sterilized. Studs are common starting earrings, but wearers should make sure they don't contain nickel.
Pierced ears are as common as wristwatches, and most women — and some men — will eventually have pierced ears.
Most people have their ears pierced first with "starter" earrings, which are usually studs. Most jewelry stores and mall shops use the piercing gun, which is often considered quicker and less messy. When the earrings are replaced, they should be left in for another three weeks, following the same cleaning and turning regimen as before. I just got my second ear piercing done (lobe): do I need to keep my first piercing out while it heals? Employees of these stores who perform piercings don't receive medical certification for what they do.
If you have newly pierced ears then right now, you should wear some very light weighted or almost negligible weight hoop earrings.
Warm sea salt soaks: it should taste like your tears, not too salty or it'll dry out your piercing too much. It's not rocket science, but piercing your body in biology class is a very stupid thing to do. Used Bepanthene spray (dexpantenol, recommended for burns so i think it'd be good for regeneration) to clean it about four or five times a day (pretty much every chance i got). A conch piercing is a perforation of the ear cartilage for the purpose of inserting and wearing a piece of jewelry. The inner conch piercing is located in the center ear cartilage, adjacent to the ear canal. The piercing itself is made with a large gauge hollow piercing needle, and barbell jewelry is usually worn during the healing and stretching period. The name of this piercing is derived from the similarity in appearance between the outer ear (pinna) and the conch shell.
The outer conch piercing is located in the outer ear cartilage, in the flat part of the top, outer ear. This piercing is done with a large gauge piercing needle and a curved barbell, a large-diameter CBR (captive bead ring), or a single-flare plug or tunnel. Conch (disambiguation) — A conch is a type of gastropod or sea snail, especially of the family Strombidae. Inner Conch — Conch Piercing (7) Ein Conch Piercing ist ein bestimmtes Piercing durch die Ohrmuschel.
Outer Conch — Conch Piercing (7) Ein Conch Piercing ist ein bestimmtes Piercing durch die Ohrmuschel. There is a great deal of fabulously cool ear jewelry for stretch piercings including studs, barbells, plugs and flesh tunnels, and they are available in all types of material including glass and amber.
Normal ear piercings are made with a gun or a needle, the best and most regular being a professional needle piercing, generally at what is known as 16 gauge, or 16g, equivalent to a hole diameter of about 1.2 - 1. American Academy of Pediatrcis (AAP) explains how to avoid infections after ear piercing.

You should make certain that the starter earrings do not contain nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction. If the person using the gun is not trained properly, however, the ears can be pierced incorrectly. You should make sure that the person doing the piercing is properly trained, and that all equipment has been sterilized. This is essential for the piercing to heal properly and for the person to be able to wear other earrings. After that, the person can remove the earrings and should clean them thoroughly in hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol. Once the six weeks are up, a person can usually replace the starter studs with earrings of his or her choice. If the post end is too sharp and hurts to put it back in, quickly change the stud and let it continue healing. It was as very pricey ($130) but I wanted to make sure it was done right and spaced evenly. You can wash your piercing lightly with a non scented soap such as Dr Bronners Castile Soap (I find that Lavender works the best and doesn't sting).
Leave them alone, wash them one or two times a day, soak them every day one or two times in sea salt water (warm enough but not so that it burns your skin) and you're set!
Guns can harbor bacteria (as you can't clean the gun 100 percent every time and they are not autoclave-able like needles in a piercing studio are) and there is a reason eyebrow piercings and lip piercings aren't the size of regular piercings (20g). I'm not a doctor, so don't take this as gospel, but by doing this, i had absolutely no problem with either pierce.
We followed the directions of cleaning three times a day and then waiting the eight weeks before we removed them. It kills the germs, sure, but it's also killing the tissue that's growing back to heal your piercing. It can be either an inner or outer conch piercing, depending on the exact location on the ear. After sufficient stretching, an open earlet or similar piece of body jewelry can be worn in the healed piercing. Once the piercing goes to the "curled" edge of the ear it is no longer an outer conch piercing, but a helix piercing. Es wird unterschieden zwischen dem Inner Conch (innerer Conch) und dem Outer Conch (au?erer Conch). The easiest way to do this is to soak a cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and swab both sides of the ears, morning and evening.
Most piercing studios use a special needle, which has the earring attached to the end, allowing the piercing to be done in one operation.
He or she should get a cotton swab or a toothpick to completely remove any residue from the earrings and the backs. Some people say put on tape, some people say wear a cap and some people say don't swim at all! Getting a piercing professionally done and getting one at a Piercing Pagoda, Claire's, or other shop where they use piercing guns is not comparable at all. Doing so tears apart new tissue and clots, meaning more bleeding and longer healing time, and introduces more bacteria to the area. I had both done, but the left ear got infected, where the earring eventually entered by earlobe, and I had to remove it by pushing the stud out.
The doctor said to not twist your earrings and clean one or two times a day with soap and water or rubbing alcohol.

I don't think that earrings will freak people out if you just get lobes done, or even get them to notice. The first two were done at a shop similar to Claire's- took about a year to heal fully (had little lumps of scar tissue in my ears) I used the special ear cleaning liquid they gave me.I just had the third one done about two days ago.
With both stretching and dermal punching, this becomes nearly permanent as the body cannot replace cartilage, and the skin will only cover so much of the hole. If the pierced area starts looking red or begins to itch, apply an antibiotic ointment to the area three times a day.
There are pros and cons to each method, and you should investigate each before getting your ears pierced. The person should turn the earrings in each direction about five times, two or three times a day. After that, the person should clean the pierced ears with peroxide and apply antibiotic ointment to both sides of the earlobe. The person should also continue to keep the newly pierced ears and earrings clean, and use antibiotic ointment at the first sign of redness, drainage, or itching.
You could get anything from a mild infection to full-blown staph or MRSA from one not done in proper conditions.
It was very painful, so I'm planning on getting that one re-pierced in a couple of months from now. I just want to say whether it's a needle or a gun, as long as it's clean, I think you're fine.
And please, if you're reading this before you get your ears pierced, do it at a piercing studio, not the mall.
When the piercing is smaller than a 16 gauge there is a risk of having it pulled out, rip, or become irritated much more easily. The earring posts should also be coated in the ointment before they are replaced in the ears.
Using a piercing gun and a sharp earring causes crushing pressure on the ear, meaning more trauma to the tissue, and therefore, longer healing time. My sister has piercings all up her ears and has only had a problem with one (which she did herself). However, the right ear still gets infected whenever I change the earring and the earring is a little heavy or is not real silver. Only one was happy with me: my friend who moved a town away that only comes to wednesday church group. My advice is to (maybe post 245) do whatever the piercer tells you to do, and to stick to it!
Although I think I should because the lady who did it for me said I should twist them a few times a day. I'm sure it will all be fine, but always use the solution provided, only use sea salt and warm water if the solution irritates you or is too harsh! After six months, my friends are telling me my ear should already have healed and all this should stop happening.
If you think there's a problem, then there probably is- at that point, get your butt to a doctor.
They said I should get it checked out, but I'm hoping this is natural and some of you have a solution.

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