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Outer Limits is potentially the most popular piercing shop in Orange County, with renowned piercers and tattoo artists who do masterful work.
The fine folks at Fine Tattoo Work have a higher standard than most when it comes to piercings and tattoos. Miranda Cosgrove snapped a selfie in her car today wearing the Joie Rika F Cashmere Striped Sweater ($338.00), also available at Nordstrom. Christina Aguilera wore a glamorous and fabulously chic fishtail braid for the blind auditions at The Voice!
Christina Aguilera had piercings in her nose and lower lip, shown in this picture from 2002. Knowing who the most skilled, safe and hygienic artists are can be a tough task but, thankfully, Orange County is stocked with quality piercing establishments.
They also offer some valuable after-care provisions for their needlework and provide extremely professional installations, from the traditional to the industrial.

In a small studio in Garden Grove, CM Hurt uses a select group of artists and piercers, most notably Cynthia, one of the most trusted piercers in Orange County.
Piercer Steven is committed to style and perfection, which makes for a stunning combination when it comes to his ear piercings. After moving to Long Beach, Jesse continues his passion for writing and music by covering concerts, interviewing top artists, and giving a dose of wisdom in a crazy, mixed-up musical world. From the bazaar to the bizarre, it’s not hard to find the right piercing professional for you with this easy list. This is another mature audience venue, so scope out the clientele and art on the wall before bringing your kid down for work to be done. This is definitely a kid-friendly place, as Cynthia has been doing piercings, small and large, for years and provides an extremely sterile environment. The shop does a great job of being available for any scares involving your piercing once you leave their capable hands.

Some offer far more services than just ear piercing, so if the piercing bug sticks with you, be sure get to know the staff for when you need their services later on.
For a clean and safe environment with tons of personality, Outer Limits will not disappoint.
Few places pierce with as much precision and accuracy as Fine Tattoo Work, so trust them with any and all work. She will help you take your mind off of the pain by teaching some breathing techniques, as well as the uber-important aftercare provisions required with every purchase. Add in an extremely clean workspace and a panache unlike any other shop in Orange County, and you have the makings of the most unique piercing parlor in the area.

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