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Indeed, there is archaeological evidence proving that ear piercings go back to ancient Persia where men used to wear earrings. Fast forward in time and, another popular moment in history for ear piercings was in the 1590s during the English Renaissance where earrings were very fashionable among courtiers and gentlemen.
In addition to withstanding the test of time, ear piercings have also spanned all cultural and social groups.  Males, females, young, adults, professionals, students, executives, pop stars, low, middle and high classes and almost all ethnic groups pierce their ears. It is so common nowadays to get an ear pierced that we can safely say that ear piercings have gone mainstream. Now that you know a little bit of the history of ear piercing, as well as how to take care of it, you should also become familiar with the different types of ear piercings available. Here are a few examples of ear piercings that we have performed at our 514 Ink Montreal Piercing and Tattoo shop. Barbells, ball closure rings, circular barbells and body spirals can all be worn in pinna piercings.
You walked to your wardrobe and, pulling out a lace top and black skinny jeans, began dressing up. You put on your shoes and accessorized yourself with a black hat and the jewelry Hyunseung bought you and gave yourself a last look in the mirror. Your left ear had three different earring: a batman one , a star one and a little hoop one. They dragged you without even glancing back at the boys, who were looking at the scene shocked.
Before exiting the restaurant, you sent an apologetic gaze to Hyunseung, who sulked in his seat and pouted. BTW, I'm finishing my fic 'Diary of a witch' and I'm planning on starting another, but I don't know which. Lobe piercings can look chic, but they really are tame when compared to a number of more exotic ear piercings body modification lovers can choose.
However, for people who overcome these obstacles and give one or more of these unusual piercings a try, ear piercing can become a bit of an addiction.
Transverse: Instead of piercing straight through the face of the ear lobe, a transverse piercing passes sideways through it from west to east. Helix: This term is used to describe piercings performed in the outer rim of cartilage that begins just beyond the back of the ear lobe. Forward helix:Similar to the helix, this piercing is placed in the section of rim that faces the eyes. Industrials: Also done in the rims, this term refers to two or more basic helixes that are connected with a barbell. Orbits: Similar to the industrial, this piercing involves two helixes connected by a hoop or captive bead ring.

Anti-helix: This piercing is located just behind the anti-tragus in that first fold of harder cartilage. Rook: This piercing goes in the thick fold of cartilage just below where a forward helix would be placed. Tragus: The tragus is that small protrusion of cartilage just in front of and slightly over the ear canal.
It's a fact that some people are more sensitive to pain than others, but the pain common to most ear piercings does seem to fit a few generalities. Piercings placed where there is thick ear cartilage are typically the most painful ear piercings of all. Since cartilage doesn't have as much blood flow as fleshier parts of the ear, it can take a bit longer to heal.
Obviously, exotic ear piercings aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they can be great alternatives for people who want to explore the possibilities.
It is also one of the oldest known forms of body modification dating back thousands of years. Also, according to the Bible, during the times of Moses, Israelites sons and daughters wore earrings as well. If you are interested in getting en ear piercing, just make sure to follow the do’s and don’ts of ear piercings. It is the one piercing that bloomed during the 80’s and it is also the least painful ear piercing because it is located where there is fewer nerve endings than the rest of the ear and contains no cartilage. This one ear piercing needs to be done carefully by a professional since it is a tricky place and needs to be done cleanly on the cartilage. Interested in getting an Ear Piercing?  Get your own at 514 Ink Montreal Tattoo & Piercing Shop Today! They are also known as helix piercings and can be placed anywhere from the very top of the ear to further towards the back of the ear. It is important to get the right size ring as a ring that is too large or small could cause rejection or migration.
I don't think Hyunseung minds if we take Min Jung-ah away for a bit." Hyuna said, linking arms with you. She's a dutiful sweet young nurse who has a killer eye-smile and is the sweetest thing on earth.
The quest for unique piercings has led more adventurous souls to explore the rest of the ear. They love their alternative piercings so much that they begin piercing each possible portion of the ear the way other people collect stamps.
However, the hole is gradually widened by periodically inserting thicker gage jewelry to gently stretch the opening.

There's a momentary sting when the piercing gun pierces the flesh, but it's over almost as quickly.
Just understand that these placements may be a bit beyond the capabilities of the average piercing professional, so it's usually best to seek out full body modification studios for technicians who are experienced in performing piercings through cartilage.
By the 1980s, almost all male popular music performers and many professional athletes had their ears pierced as well. What is fun is that it allows for a big range of variety of gems and it can be very subtle and classy.
Orbital piercings can be placed anywhere in the ear but they often located in the helix (outer ear rim) or ear lobe. Most of these piercings involve areas of cartilage that many people would never consider piercing. The results can be quite stunning, and in any case they're sure to draw a lot of attention. This can be limited to a simple tunnel ring of four to five millimeters width, or the opening can be stretched large enough to accommodate the diameter of a broom handle or more.
In comparison, a cartilage piercing averages ten to twelve weeks for complete healing barring any infections. Then, by the 1990s, American celebrities were wearing earrings in both ears and this became a huge trend during that whole decade. 4MINUTE and Gina noona want to see you again so we thought that we could go and grab lunch together. When she moves to the school her BFF attends, she notices her chush on the cute boy Yang Yoseob. This may be due a fear of possible pain, or a simple lack of knowledge about which types of jewelry best suit these locations.
It is also possible to turn a single ear piercing into an orbital by adding another piercing nearby.
Trying to hook them up, she asks for the help of Yoon Doojoon, the implicated boy's best friend.
You can fill the holes with open tunnel rings and solid plugs or, once stretched, leave them open and hang hoops from them.

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