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Oooh - another Colchester lass I recommend Tattoo Inc in Colchester for piercings - the only place I've ever been and never had any complaints. Im trying to stretch my other ear,I have my left done upto 8mm and im trying to do the other, i have got it upto 2.5mm now and my ear is sooo angry!I have been doing over about 4 weeks and it hates me! Righttt,So I want to put a circular barbell into my septum but its pretty low down,Whats the small 1.2 one you can get? Nose PiercingNose Piercing RetainersJewellery to hide your nose piercing for use at school, home and work.
Tongue PiercingTongue Piercing RetainersNeed to make your tongue piercing less visible while at school or for that important job interview.
Eyebrow PiercingEyebrow Piercing RetainersLooking for a way to cover up your eyebrow piercing? Ear PiercingEar Piercing RetainersRetainers to hide your standard ear piercings to tragus, scaffold and stretched ear lobes. Medical PiercingsX-Ray & Hospital RetainersJewellery that can be worn for medical procedures.

I have a habit of going into shock right after getting pierced and didn't fancy the tubes while spinning out I've decided I'm either going to go somewhere locally tomorrow that I trust, or I'll head off to Mantra in Colchester later in the week for it. I just thought they were pierced, might have to look into those flesh tone plugs it won't work if I stretch bigger, just that those studs are big enough to cover the silicone plug.. I'm not worried but it does mean that I'm holding off on the tragus until it's back to normal again, I was planning on getting them on opposite ears and I'd like to be able to sleep.
The ones from BJS are much better than my painful pleasures ones, the discs on the top are smaller..
If I used smaller earrings it doesn't work Scarlet - I healed my septum with a monofilament retainer from painful pleasures. I've also decided NOT to read any BME reviews on the pain scale, it always makes it out to be loads worse than it ends up being didn't realise you were a local girl - I'm from Colchester I didn't realise that til the other day either! I'm not sure how effective it'd be on your face though.I think I'm pretty good at hiding my piercings, my lobes are 6g in the photos there!
Now Samppa is buggering off round the world I need someone else trustworthy to do my triangle!

Now Samppa is buggering off round the world I need someone else trustworthy to do my triangle!i just need to find a pic of someone wearing one, i could probably get away with it at work My friend used one. I switched it out about 2 hours after getting it pierced (that was fun - NOT advised!), cuz the bar my piercer assured me would be invisible was very blatantly NOT invisible.. It isn't exactly unnoticable since its a 'babrbie' flesh tone, but you would only notice it if it was one of the bigger sizes.
I've given all my piercings more than their fair share of crap (mostly to do with stretching before I knew any better) and they're all perfectly healthy now.
That doesn't mean it'll work for everyone, and I wouldn't tell anyone it's a good idea to do what I did.

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