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We are trained and certified in first-aid, CPR and advanced BCLS skills in adult, child, and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation, recognised and accredited by the National Resuscitation Council. At Stege we do research and development and frequently upgrade our body jewelry selections whenever there are materials of higher qualification. Bodyjewelry parts are available in different lenght, ga, diameter, sizes and crystal colour. The EU Nickel Directive which EU Law as of 1st July 2001, requires that nickel content used in parts during epithilization after piercing must contain less than 0.05% nickel by mass. Adorning our ears is commonplace but getting your daughter’s or (son’s) ears pierced for the first time is quite a ritual. Offering titanium and nickel-free earrings, this shop prides itself on its after-care service which includes 6 weeks in which to treat any problems that may arise. With branches stretching from the East to the West, this jewellery store prides itself in the use of the Inverness ear piercing system. Ho Bee Goldsmith & Jewellery, various locations (Hougang Central, Clementi, Sengkang, Little India). While most ear-piercing stores have a ready stock of earrings available, here are some other places which offer cutie-pie ear studs and top-notch quality baubles. One of the most well loved fashion jewellery brands in Singapore, it has a wide array of colourful baubles and other trinkets all girly girls will love. Let your fingers do the walkin’ and enter online marketplace Etsy, where loads of Singapore-based designers sell their gorgeous wares. Singapore parenting magazine – theAsianparent helps Asian mothers and fathers raise happy and confident kids. There are many opinions about whether parents should pierce baby’s ears and what age is considered too young. The friendly and professional staff of this clinic should ease any doubts of parents who are planning to get their babies ears pierced. This clinic in the West comes highly recommended by mums who have gotten their babies ears pierced here. The friendly and helpful staff at Banyan clinic makes it an ideal location for parents looking to get their babies ears pierced. Here’s an extra bonus: You will receive valuable parenting tips and weekly fresh hot deals like this from us! Since she was about 4 or 5, I'd asked her a few times before if she wanted to get her ears pierced, but she firmly declined and said that she was scared of the pain. We always pass by B*dazzle on the way to Takashimaya and often see people getting their ears pierced there. They actually sell a whole range of titanium, solid gold and nickel-free earrings made of Grade 303 surgical steel.
The staff that attended to us also seemed very rushed even though we were the only customers in the store at that time. In the end, we chose a pair of simple solid gold ball studs {S$99.80} for Lil Pumpkin that's suitable for daily wear and school. When it was time to pierce her ears, they sprayed some anesthetic and another staff came over so that they can pierce both ears at the same time. Lil Pumpkin was a bit apprehensive, but didn't seem too scared and her daddy held her hands for support. Took a video of her whole ear-piercing experience *grins* If it isn't working, please watch it on my YouTube channel here.
We also bought a bottle of alcohol to clean her ears {S$10.70} twice a day and I told her NOT to touch her ears for at least a week or so. She is really soooooo happy with her new pierced ears and couldn't wait to show her friends and teachers in school! B*dazzle offers a 6-week free after care service and we were told to go back for a review within a month.

Just be sure not to rush your decision and choose a pair of earrings that fit your budget, and one that your kid will love and want to wear for at least 2 months {the time taken for a newly pierced earring tunnel to heal}.
My little girl is 6 years and she would love her ears pierced but she is a bit apprehensive about the pain! This is a Sterile disposable cartridge system with fully encapsulated ear studs which full cartridge is disposed after each piercing. Andrew Martin maps out an aggressive repertoire for Black, which is ideal for the club player. The Opening Encyclopaedia 2016 features complete coverage of all opening areas on a single DVD and constitutes the best possible introduction to opening training.
Certificates show that our piercing jewelery is well within the criteria for all secondary piercing applications. Whether you favour doing it when they’re little or prefer to wait until they’re older to make their own decision, you want to know that they’re in safe hands.
The central location makes this a good choice if you’re treating the experience as a coming of age day out for more grown up little girls – shop and lunch in Orchard afterwards. 6235 6948; #01-43A Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103, p. They offer more than 100 different types of studs to choose from, all administered using hypoallergenic methods. The big plus is the warm, caring attention your children will receive from its sole pediatrician, Dr. Kids will get new earrings from a hand pressure instrument (not the standard spring loaded operated gun). After all, they’ve been in the business since 1974 and are well known for its Celestial diamond, the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond.
Take your pick at Pandora, which has a dreamy collection of flower-shaped and heart-shaped earrings.
Store merchandise is arranged by colour, making it oh-so-easy for you and your little one to pick out earrings in aquamarine or coral – whatever your heart desires, really.
The search ends at SIX, which has a whole range of 925 silver products that are good for sensitive skin.
We love Fresh From The Kiln’s geometric ear studs in pastel hues, KaoriKaori’s pearly collection, and joypeckjoy’s cutesy whale-shaped metal clay ear studs (all pictured in main image). However if you have made up your mind on getting your little one’s ears pierced, we suggest that you go to a professional so that it won’t lead to a traumatic experience filled with pain and infection. I picked up writing as an undergraduate at a local university and have not looked back since. But recently, she told us she wanted to get her ears pierced and asked if we could bring her. Plus, it's been around for a long time so I guess it must be pretty reliable and reputable. I intended to get solid gold studs for Lil Pumpkin in the first place as it's the safest choice to prevent any inflammation, but would have appreciated if she took the time to tell us the price and features of the other earrings as well, instead of just telling me the price of the most expensive range and trying to convince me to get it. I haven't even finished signing the consent form yet and she was getting Lil Pumpkin to sit on the chair and marking her earlobes for piercing!
I remember that the first pair of earrings my mummy got for me was a pair of simple heart-shaped solid gold earrings too.
Last time when I pierced my ears, I was told to turn the earrings a few times a day so that the new skin that's trying to close the hole does not form so tightly against the earrings but I read online that some people recommended not to do it as it might irritate the piercing.
Anyway so far so good as there's no infections or messy secretions and Lil Pumpkin reminds people not to touch her ears.
I think it's a good place to pierce your ears at if you're looking for something fast, convenient and safe.
Must be vain enough to go past that pain hhha I remember I had mine in a goldsmith shop too and I cried so hard the first trip there I went home without my piercing.

Only the best games from classical tournaments (50 000) and correspondence chess (20 000) have been used. Today, more than 70 years later, the game has evolved from the Colonial Club of the 1890s and become a mass movement.
But before the Seattle Seahawks running back goes to Detroit and the most-watched television spectacle in the world, Alexander stopped off to play some chess.
Here are our island’s best ear-piercing stores for kids and where you can buy suitable kids’ earrings.
It might be pricier at this clinic, but you’re paying for peace of mind in a clinical setting. You can definitely trust these guys: their shiny stones are the real deal, not the poor-quality knock-offs you should be wary of. Whether it’s nautical-inspired or bold, bright colours, it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone here.
It's a milestone not just for her, but for us as parents too and I wanted us to savour the moment and experience.
Sometimes I forget when I'm helping her wear clothes or tie her hair and accidentally hit her ears. I won't say it's entirely kid-friendly as the staff don't seem too patient, but they are professional and the earrings are hygienic & approved by Health ministries worldwide. I was expecting an OUCH or something, but that little wince at the end showed what a brave girl she was through the whole thing. In 2001, he reached the semi-finals of the FIDE World Championship, in 2005 he shared second with Anand in the FIDE World Chess Championship. I guess it really is time to admit that my little one is a baby no more and is a big girl now. I did go with my friend to B*dazzle when she wanted to get her ears pierced in secondary school, and I was impressed with how fast the staff worked. Reminds me that I should remove the earrings every few months to clean with the alcohol or antiseptic lotion. I think I got my own ears pierced at B*dazzle too, then one closed and I went to the goldsmith to get it redone the traditional way, with a piece of GINGER behind my ear! Think there's less time for the shock and pain to set in, when they do both at the same time.
I ran out of the shop after one side was done and had to be persuaded by everyone to go back in! It took me a long long while to decide that she should have it redone even though it means pain once more.
I think little girls look cute with them!I have mixed feelings about babies that get them done though. Went back to Goldheart and they agreed to redo for her at no extra cost, and asked us to remove the ear stud to let the ear fully heal for at least 6 mths beforw we return. In the Filipino culture (where my Step-Grandma came from) it's common to pierce them as babies. No more tears heheAi yai yai of course this is a milestone for lil pumpkin and her parents!
I just feel like their ears grow so much that they may be off centered, or pull on them accidentally.

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