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Do not pierce your ear by taking the help of your friend or family member because in this way you will land in trouble by infecting your ears badly. Piercer should wash his or her hands or use sanitizer or wear gloves before he or she start the piercing process.
It should be taken in to notice that piercer should clean your ears with special bacteria killing soap.
You must make sure that equipments should be sterilized otherwise many kinds of infections can arise from them. You should clean your earring and area around the earring with cotton swab and antiseptic hydrogen peroxide at least two times a day. In case you remove the pierced earring before its healing time then the hole will get closed, so it is recommended that you keep the pierced earring inside the hole even if it is not healed properly to avoid closing of pierced hole.

During ear piercing the hole is going to get bigger then what it will become after healing. Once the suits were differentiated on the basis of the area of origin and thereby were known as American, British or Continental suits. You should do this to avoid the growth of skin around the earrings which can later on do not allow you to take off your earrings out.
Ears will take around 6 to 9 weeks to heal and once they are healed you can wear different types of jewelry.
Ear piercing is dangerous for diabetic patients or people who are suffering from any disease which can obstruct healing. By the time you apply antiseptic, softly slide the earring so that antiseptic can reach the piercing area.

But at the same time it is very important that you should get your ear piercing done from a professional piercer. This antiseptic will prevent germs from getting in this new pierced area before it heals properly.

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