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But the effects of loud music are far worse for the musicians on stage, who are subjecting their ears to high decibel levels night after night.
The five members have been fitted with personally tailored ear plugs, costing around ?150 a pair, which they can wear while they perform to reduce noise levels. The ear pieces the band will use send a radio signal to a small back pack which has a volume control.

The band's decision is supported by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, which has been running a three-year campaign to raise awareness about the damage that loud music can do. It's 'Don't Lose the Music Campaign' is aimed at people aged 16-30 - the most likely group to go to loud gigs and clubs - and to be in bands. The RNID advises measures including protecting hearing by standing away from loud speakers, taking regular breaks from loud music and by wearing ear plugs if they are regularly exposed to loud music or if they are exposed for long periods of time.

As musicians, we are constantly exposed to loud music, and the damage which is done to your hearing over time is irreversible.

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