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This contractor pack of Cordova encore corded ear plugs is perfect ear protection when working with power tools and saws, mowing the lawn or using power garden tools or even at a loud concert. This question is from Encore Ear Plugs Contractor (2000-Pack) 0 answers Mis-advertising? The box in the photo of this item says 200 pairs but the product overview says 2000 pairs Big difference. ReadyMax products are fully guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials to the original purchaser.

The soft, comfortable foam polyurethane is easy to insert and expands snugly in your ear to protect your hearing while you work. Easy to use, lightweight and comfortable, 3M Disposable Earplugs are a great choice in hearing protection for both the professional and the DIYer. These ear plugs have a noise reduction rating of 32 dB when used with a power lawnmower (about 100 dB which can cause hearing damage after just 30 minutes unprotected), it lowers the effective decibel levels to non-damaging levels.
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The contractor pack is designed for the contractor or small business owner looking to keep a good supply of hearing protection for the whole crew.

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