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To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Composing as Curating: In Touch with Listenpony London’s contemporary music scene is unique. Before we swung the first hammer, we prepped everything by taping brown paper down to protect the wood floors in our hall and plastic over the door to try and keep some of the dust contained (I will draw your attention to the expert taping job at the top of the door… expert, my friends, expert). It took much longer to clean up the floor than it did to actually demo it.  We used a flat shovel to scoop the smaller pieces into a contractor bag and carried the larger pieces out to our driveway. It took the two of us about three days to completely demo the bathroom (if only real life were like HGTV and it took that long to put it back together again).  We were left with a blank (if somewhat holey) slate. We’ll be back later this week with a guest post from my sister and maybe a little more on the bathroom progress, so stay tuned! Sure, we’ll just swing by and lend a hand (as long as it’s before the snow starts)!

Audience members and musicians are passionate about it, yet few people realize that decibels can be dangerous!
The following symptoms may indicate that your hearing is being compromised: • Normal sounds seem loud, even painful. I’m hoping we get to some indoor remodeling this winter since we’re trying to knock out a ton of outdoor work before it starts snowing again! Use the best headphones you can, which limit outside noise, so you don’t have to turn up the volume. Listen Hear part 2, features noise-induced injuries, which may occur even without hearing loss. Turn off your listening devices and power tools well ahead of time when you are going to hear, or participate in a loud performance. There is no escaping the constant barrage of sound in our lives.It’s not just “old people” who suffer.

According to the American Medical Association, one in five teens are losing their hearing and cannot hear whispers, raindrops or consonants. Among college freshmen, 61% have hearing injuries.This increase could be caused by frequent use of ear buds and headphones.
Flutes, piccolos and trumpets easily reach the 110dB range, that of a subway train, and a full orchestra at its peak measures above 120dB, about the volume of a jackhammer.

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