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The unique swivel feature allows the ratchet to fit low on the nape and adjust for a perfect fit. The "Secure-Fit" ratchet features an easy turn knob that allows adjusting for a perfect fit without removing the helmet. The no-slip hold maintains the desired fit even in the most physically active jobs or extreme weather conditions.
Featuring a sleek, ribbed and well balanced, low profile design that provides incredible stability.
Softer band material conforms to wearer's head for more comfortable fit and allows for easier size adjustment.
Softer band material conforms to wearer's head for a more comfortable fit and allows for easier size adjustment.
Soft Band material conforms to wearer's head for a comfortable fit and allows for easier size adjustment. Ideal for protecting head from lacerations, minor bumps and bruises in areas that do not require certified safety helmets. Designed for use in industries such as automotive, pest control, meat packing, food processing and assembly facilities.
Caution: Bump caps are not designed to protect against impact from falling or glancing objects. Protects against lacerations, minor bumps and bruises in areas that do not require certified safety helmets.
Caution Bump caps are not designed to protect against impact from falling or glancing objects. Baseball caps are: 100% cotton twill, mid profile, structured, 6-panel construction , Velcro closure, tonal stitched eyelets and Fashion curved bill. This Halloween we are going to discuss a topic that is very scary for many patients; earwax!
Everyone's ears produce earwax to different degrees, For some individuals, their earwax production is much higher than others, causing greater chances of damage to their in-the-ear style of hearing aid technology. Though earwax is nothing to be afraid of, it is important to protect your hearing aids from unnecessary repairs due to earwax on the components.If you are presently wearing hearing aids or considering a purchase and have concerns or questions about earwax protection, simply submit your inquiry on our Contact Us page or call our office during business hours.
Open fit hearing aids are typically small behind the ear hearing aids that attach to a very thin tube that transmits the sound into the ear.

Behind the Ear hearing aids sit behind the ear and are attached to a standard tube that transmits the sound into the ear. In the Canal and Half Shell hearing aids look similar to the In the Ear models but cover half of the concha portion of the ear. Musicians Earplugs are designed to protect hearing while preserving all the subtleties and richness of music. ER-9, ER15 and ER 25 are custom made and attenuate sound 9, 15 and 25db in a uniform fashion. ER-9 has also been by sports referees to attenuate the whistle sound while still being able to communicate with other people.
Custom fit earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments.
The corded option allows wearers to place the plugs over their necks when not wearing them. Floatable swimmer earplugs are custom made with a super soft hydrophobic silicone material and offer the best protection available in an array of colours. Designed as a lightweight headset mold that provides a secure comfortable fit for phone work. Designed for a stethescope adaptor for a more comfortable fit for those in the healthcare field. Your hearing in quiet and mild background environments should be improved but, your hearing in loud background noise will not be improved. Soft speech should be audible, average speech should be comfortable and loud speech should not be uncomfortable. Your own voice may initially sound hollow or artificial but will eventually be acceptable to you. There should be no "feedback" (whistling) when the hearing aids are properly seated in your ears.
Your hearing aids will not restore your hearing capabilities to "normal" or pre-existing levels. This unique product allows you to place a standard six panel baseball cap over the bump cap shell. Earwax isn't just spooky because of its unsightly appearance, but it can also terrify wearers of in-the-ear style of hearing aids for fear of repairs due to excessive buildup.

They are non-occluding (don't feel plugged up) which means they leave the ear relatively open for natural sound quality.
This is a custom fit device that typically has a smaller battery and less room for options. Other earplugs, particularly foam, muffle sound so music and speech are not heard distinctly.
The custom fit earpiece anchors the bluetooth headset creating an open lightweight system that communicates wirelessly with your cellphone.
Ideal for applications where CSA certified head protection is not required and you are protecting against bumps and scrapes.
This catches any wax that would normally find its way into the hearing aid components when the devices are inserted and removed from the ear canal. This allows our audiologists to evaluate all types of technology for effectiveness and durability. This larger size of device along with a larger battery can sometimes be of benefit to those with greater degrees of hearing loss and those who have difficulty with manual dexterity. This type can be beneficial to those with more serious hearing losses or those who have difficulty with manual dexterity.
Added benefits include more volume as the custom fit earpiece blocks the exterior sounds and a flexible boom microphone that provides superior outgoing voice quality in noisy surroundings. Workers will want to wear the Create A Cap protection as it looks like a standard baseball cap! The new wax guard protectors have alleviated most occurrences of earwax buildup that may cause damage to hearing aids.
These wax guards are simple to insert into the hearing aids and even easier to remove with a simple tool. While the cost of wax guard protection packs is minimal, the savings can be huge by avoiding potential costly out-of-warranty repairs.

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