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A In one of those traps the World Wide Web lays for unwary Googlers those in search of Dinky's latest, Ringing, are liable to come across the Mantric Dinky vibrating cock ring. A For those who prefer to do their dancing while vertical, Ringing is a highly polished, but still subtly sexy club tune. The best thing you can do for yourself, and everyone else on the track is invest in a bigger multi chambered muffler meant to make a Mazda rotary quiet enough for the street, or nearly so. If you're in a high-decibel environment, you can double up by wearing earplugs and ear muffs. It's as crisply closes to minimal as the EP gets, with panned effects and a metallic sheen. I've had it for many years, ever since playing guitar in an insanely loud rock band and going to countless rock shows without any earplugs. Last weekend, we had two of the quietest cars trackside, but inside they're plenty loud.

Unless you're standing really close to the speakers).The first of four tracks, Horizontal has a decidedly slinky, almost slutty vibe. There are no sudden movements, no big noises, just a slight, insistent groove that will wrap its fingers around you and shake you into motion, propelled by the sultry female vocal. An exhaust leak in the van brought levels beyond my tolerance level and it was still far quieter than many of the heaps on track. Handclaps, a booming kick drum, and breathy female vocals twine together in an 80s flavoured montage of sound. Loud noise not only damages your ears, it also fatigues you over the course of a long stint and may cover up important noises that you would otherwise not hear (like a toasted wheel bearing). Think girls in crimped hair and leggings, blowing big pink puffs of bubble gum, sauntering through a funfare delightedly aware all the boys' heads are turning as they walk by. Strange, hypnotic bursts of exotic synth sounds accent rattly pots-and-pans percussion while the bassline gurgles and squeaks.

The few extra horsepower you may gain from having high-flow exhaust is not really worth it if you get fatigued after 90 minutes in what essentially becomes an echo chamber, lose concentration, and stuff it into the tires.
Like the rest of the tracks here, it has a burr-like quality, attaching itself to your eardrums and gradually wriggling deeper till it penetrates your brain. It shimmers like a mirage, with warped percussion and sweet synths pouring over you like a heatwave.
Again, there is a back-to-the-80s feel, and it works so well you can't help but hope this is the start of some kind of trend.

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