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Sarah Hamilton-Parker, of Portsmouth, said that over the past four years, she has been forced to listen to the constant tinkling of the bells for hours on end, and this holiday season, she reached her breaking point. The business owner who runs a jewellery store in Market Square explained that for 40 hours a week for five weeks out of every year she hear Salvation Army workers ringing bells to raise money as part of the annual kettle drive. Hamilton-Parker launched her crusade against the Salvation Army's fundraising tactics by appealing directly to the charity and asking officials to move the ringers across the street to the front of the North Church, or in front of a coffee shop, but to no avail.

She then tried to drown out the noise by equipping herself and her employee with two sets of ear plugs and playing bell-like music in the store. Unable to bear the constant clangor, Hamilton-Parker finally approached the local authorities to see if the bell ringing is in violation of the city's noise ordinance. The salvation Army has no plans to move their ringers from Hamilton-Parker's store anytime soon because officials say it is a good location for raising money.

However, Pat James, who represents the organization's Northern New England Division, said she hopes to find a way to accommodate the frustrated business owner.

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