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Mexico City… dare I ask what comes to mind when you think of this mega-city, with a population of close to 9 million people?
Since Annalisa and I would not hesitate to visit the City of Brotherly Love (or the Motor City, for that matter), we figured that this would make for a great use of our Southwest Companion Pass and were eager for a weekend in Mexico City.
Our introduction to the disorganization of this fabulous city took place as soon as we deplaned and tried to clear customs. Contrary to some online reports, there were no clear bans on bringing luggage onto the subway. The subway system does not provide you with a metro map, so consider printing out a map (below). Despite how convoluted the map for the subway system appears, it truly was a relatively easy system to navigate. One of the most memorable parts of the Mexico City subway experience was the proliferation of vendors hawking everything (and I mean everything). A trip to a new city wouldn’t be completely without me completely embarrassing myself. During rush hour, the Mexico City subway system has a creative way to insure the well-being of women and children who are traveling in a system that carries over 5 million passengers a day (meaning that it gets very busy). Is Manufactured Spending a Hobby, SPG Amex Marketing Machine, Another eBay Gift Card Deal & More! Like most travelers heading into the heart of Mexico City, we took Line 5 from Terminal Aerea towards Pantitlan.
Hmm… my logic for avoiding your proposed transit itinerary was to avoid lugging bags across 2 separate transfers. Now that I don’t live on the Brown Line, I never transfer at Pantitlan but often make the double transfer through Oceania and San Lazaro. If you have multiple heavy bags, consider paying the outrageous airport taxi prices (US$15 to most touristy areas). Just to clarify, there are two terminals at this airport: Terminal 2 handles Aeromexico, Delta, LAN, Copa, and Mexican regional carrier Aeromar.
Pantitlan is the busiest train station in the hemisphere and particularly nightmarish with bags.
They have no landside transit facilities (at least in T2 where delta, aeromexico & LAN lives) so it really is crucial to pad your connections especially when on separate tickets. The Pink Line subway diverts the long way to get there and takes quite a while longer than making one extra transfer. The transfer through San Lazaro involves walking and both have stairs, but it beats Pantitlan. Connecting from one line to anther, you’re faced with a long walk, bottlenecks and large stairways. I was able to be driven from A-B around Teotihuacan gate entrances vice the high altitude, sun searing hikes according to my schedule.

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