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Chiropractic has grown in popularity due to its high patient approval rating, effectiveness and safety.
If you’ve ever attended a rock concert or loud sporting event, or worked with noisy equipment like a chainsaw, you might have experienced a ringing sound in your ears. Aside from the common ringing in the ears caused by loud noise, there can be underlying causes that often result in long-term tinnitus.
The Mayo Clinic describes a condition known as otosclerosis, which is a stiffening of the bones in the middle ear that can cause tinnitus.
Any kind of head or neck trauma can trigger tinnitus along with other symptoms like vertigo and headaches. Meniere’s Disease—tinnitus can be an early warning sign of this inner ear condition, which causes vertigo and some hearing loss.
TMJ disorders—the temperomandibular joint is in front of your ear on each side of the head. There are some rare cases, called pulsatile tinnitus, where the condition is linked to a blood vessel disorder.
The type of sounds you hear can also aid in diagnosis and the Mayo Clinic lists possible causes for different sounds. For the most part, there aren’t any cures for tinnitus unless there’s an underlying condition that can be treated, for instance, the removal of earwax or treatment of vascular conditions. There are several possible explanations for the effectiveness of hearing aids in cases of tinnitus.
Tinnitus can have as many negative effects on your emotional and physical well-being as well as hearing loss.
An evaluation by a hearing care professional can help determine if a hearing aid will alleviate your tinnitus symptoms while improving hearing.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy—Harvard Health Publications describes this as relaxation training and retraining the brain to change your response to tinnitus. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy—with individual counseling and sound therapy, it may be possible to ‘train’ the auditory system to recognize the signals of tinnitus and make it less bothersome. For severe and ongoing tinnitus, it’s possible that no single treatment will ‘cure’ your symptoms.
While you probably can’t prevent tinnitus caused by underlying conditions, you can be mindful of the noisy world around us.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that ear infections are one of the most common ailments for young children and the second leading cause for surgery in children under two years old. For children with chronic ear infections, upper cervical care may be an ideal solution to treat the cause of the problem rather than just reacting to symptoms.A  Misalignments in the top two bones in the neck, often caused by birth trauma, may affect the proper functioning of eustachian tubes in the ear.
A study of upper cervical corrections in children found that 80 percent of those cared for with a series of non-invasive corrections became free of ear infections by enabling the inner ear to properly open and drain.
Disorders of the inner ear can cause symptoms such as pain, dizziness or vertigo, nausea, hearing loss and ringing in the ears (called tinnitus).
Even minor misalignments can result in nerve irritation that can affect the body in many ways, including causing disorders of the ear.
Spinal manipulation combined with physical therapy, which he renders, has been scientifically-proven to be the most effective low back pain therapy for conditions not requiring surgery.
This can be caused by head or neck tumors, some sort of irregular brain structure or high blood pressure. According to Audiology Online, studies have shown that as many as 70-80% of people with some hearing impairment also experience tinnitus. Some studies suggest that the amplification itself reduces tinnitus symptoms: it increases neural activity and reduces the focus on internal sounds. If you’ve been reluctant to try hearing aids, relief from tinnitus could be a welcome and surprising benefit. Constant exposure to loud noise can cause that ringing in your ears as well as damage your hearing. The frequency and severity of symptoms can vary from person to person, but there often is a common link between conditions of the inner ear and problems with the upper cervical spine.A  Injury or trauma to the neck from car accidents, sports or work-related accidents, or even simply sleeping wrong, can create vertebral misalignments that increase the chances for inner ear diseases.
By correcting upper cervical positioning, many patients experience lasting relief from their symptoms.
We do not give any health advice, nor do we make claims that any of the featured products, techniques or devices will cure or improve any health condition.
Being a specialist, he accepts referrals and coordinates therapy with primary physicians and will process your claims promptly. The first test will probably be an audiological (hearing) exam to identify possible causes.
According to William Atherholt, Hearing Planet’s in-house Audiologist, “If someone’s hearing loss is minor or seems insignificant, they may be reluctant to try a hearing aid.

Some people are helped by simple solutions like running an air conditioner, humidifier or fan, or by playing music in the background.
And if you also experience hearing loss, an audiologist can determine if a hearing aid will relieve tinnitus. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has a helpful chart of the noise levels of various everyday sounds. A thorough evaluation by a highly trained upper cervical doctor can determine whether upper cervical care can help with inner ear conditions. The doctor may ask you to move your arms and neck clench your jaw and try other types of movements to determine cause. ADVANTAGES are: a€? cosmetics - barely visible from the outside a€? gentle - far less discomfort than with braces a€? treatment visits only every 6 to 8 weeks a€? stable if dont while child is growing - no need for life-long retention YouTube video about ALF Dr.
Thereby it frees up any jammed sutures between the bones (cranial strains) and allows for realignment using the innate wisdom of the body. When needed it can be supported by splints (see-through plastic shells), braces, or plastic mini shells. They are hardly visible from the outside and therefore interfere very little with your looks. It is mandatory that you brush after each meal and minimize snacks, particularly sweet ones. Physical performance is linked to good posture which then enables efficient muscle function and good reflexes. This is what happens if the upper jaw does not fully develop: a€? The upper jaw is narrow a€“ therefore the lower jaw cannot grow forward.
The muscles have to work harder to stabilize the head: some muscles get tense, others become overstretched.
Or think of a car with misaligned tires: the ride gets bumpy and bald spots appear on the tires.

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