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Carol Simpson, 43, is an administration officer for the London Fire Brigade and lives in Peckham, South-East London. Kevin Lamb, 41, an IT administrator from Grays, Essex, is married with two teenage children. Ian Bretman, 52, is deputy director of the Fair Trade Foundation and lives in London with his wife and two children. All pages are made with completely photo-safe materials - all you do is add your photos and journaling! Yet from dizziness to constant buzzzing, these soul-destroying conditions are often ignored.Deafness as a result of old age is an extremely common problem, affecting millions of Britons.
She says:My problems began two months into chemotherapy treatment for bone and lung cancer.
He says: Last April I was at my goddaughter's christening when suddenly I felt as if the room was spinning. He says: During my early 30s I started to notice that I could not hear very well, especially when there was background noise. However, there are also many people - including those in their 20s and 30s - who suffer from other types of ear complaints that can be just just as distressing. Of course, I am lucky to have survived, but for the past 15 years I have suffered from tinnitus as a result. The volume button on the deck was broken and turned up to the highest level, which made the noise in my headphones really blare out. The next day I felt just as bad and battled my way to the doctor's, holding onto walls and fighting the sensation that I had just come off a roller-coaster. If you stumble, it is the ears that register this and alert the brain to take action to stop you falling over.
The number affected by tinnitus, for example, is predicted to double in the next ten years, to 16per cent of the population. Sometimes it is so loud I can barely hear what other people are saying, and for years it stopped me sleeping more than four or so hours a night and I would crawl to work. There are several reasons ear problems are becoming more commonplace, says Professor Wright.

He said surgery might help in the long run, so when I was 40 I decided to have a stapedectomy through private health insurance. For four or more hours I would be unable to move because everything felt as if I was at sea. After two weeks I felt better, but a few weeks later I started getting dizzy spells again and they have continued once a week or so.
It was immediately obvious that something had gone wrong as when I came round I could not sit up without feeling giddy and had no hearing in my left ear.
I've learned to cope by focusing on something else so I can almost ignore the ringing noise. I was unable to work and decided to see a private consultant as I couldn't face months of waiting on the NHS. Listening to loud noises for a long time through headphones can damage the inner ear, and in the years ahead we expect a dramatic rise in hearing loss and other ear problems.' Here is a guide to the most common earrelated conditions, their symptoms and the treatment available. I managed by straining to hear what was said, but a couple of years ago I started to lose the hearing in my right ear, too.
I was relieved when three days later my hearing came back, but when it did everything sounded louder. However, at home it gets really bad, and if I get stressed or have a headache, the ringing is almost deafening. Another operation was too risky, so now I have a hearing aid which gives me 25 per cent of my total hearing. On the telephone it sounded as if people were shouting, and I've had to get special earphones to tone down the noise for my work.
I bought a machine that plays the sounds of the sea, which I put on when I go to bed, and that helps no end. Ten months later I was finally able to go back to work, although I still suffered from giddiness, especially in places with aisles, such as supermarkets. I can only watch TV if there are subtitles and recently I bought a vibrating clock to put under my pillow to wake me up. In people with otosclerosis, extra bone forms over the stapes causing it to become fixed, stopping sounds being transferred to the inner ear.

I still had two or three vertigo attacks a year and last November I had more gentamicin treatment.
This condition is a major cause of deafness and often starts when people are in their 20s or 30s. CAUSES: The background noise is caused when the brain receives sound signals, despite there being no noise to detect.
TREATMENT: Sufferers may need to use a hearing aid or have a stapedectomy - the stapes are replaced with a moveable piston-shaped device. Research suggests that sufferers have low levels of serotonin - the so-called feel-good chemical in the brain. Tinnitus is also a side-effect of high doses of certain drugs, including aspirin, diuretics and chemotherapy, but again it's not known why. In very rare cases it may be a sign of another underlying condition, such as a tumour near the nerve that runs from the ear to the brain.
Inflammation may be caused by a common viral infection, such as shingles, or bacterial infection, such as bacterial meningitis. Vestibular labyrinthitis, which is confined to the labyrinth, affects hundreds of thousands a year, peaking in the autumn when viral infections are more commonplace.
TREATMENT: Relaxation techniques and CDs of natural sounds can help switch the focus away from the tinnitus.
Where there is long-term damage, balance rehabilitation exercises (taught by audiologists) can help to retrain the brain to balance the body. Researchers are studying the use of antidepressant drugs to boost serotonin levels, and brain pacemakers and pulsing, magnetic waves to stop the false sound messages.

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