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I started stretching my ears when I was 14, about halfway into my freshman year of high school.
My lobes were pierced when I was an infant with a piercing gun at some random place in the mall (I know, for SHAME!
And now, I present to you my pictorial ear stretching timeline, which spans approximately 7 years.
Perhaps I should add a disclaimer here indicating that ear stretching is, for the most part, permanent.
I’m getting ready to attend the 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference (09NTC) this upcoming Sunday through Tuesday. So I think I forgot to mention in my last post that Angela sent me a box full of amazing goodies from Japan!
At the moment I am up to 00g for my ears and would like to find some silicone hider plugs to use.

I definitely recommend the Kaos silicone hider plugs, which you can see in the last picture. I think they would work pretty well if the color is close to your actual skintone (they come in 3 different shades, I believe mine are the medium color). I should also add that it depends on who you don’t want seeing your stretched lobe piercings.
I’m sort of upset because i can never find any hider plugs in an African-american skin tone. I can’t speak from experience, but depending on your skintone, have you thought about solid wood plugs? At this point, my parents were unwilling to sign for any additional piercings (probably because I was convinced I needed my tongue pierced…glad I changed my mind on that one). My fascination started when I was a kid watching all of the interesting ethnic cultures on National Geographic TV Specials.

However, it will probably still be noticeable if anyone looks at your nose closely, kinda like a large pore or a blackhead. Maybe it was because the Spice Girls had tattoos and body piercings and I was FASCINATED by them.
I actually wish I had done a better job documenting the process…the majority of these are just regular photos where you *happen* to be able to see my ears.

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