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To perform a sea salt soak, first dissolve 1 teaspoon of sea salt (available at most supermarkets) in 1 pint of water than has been boiled and allowed to cool. Titanium, Niobium, Certificated grade surgical steel (not 316L as the nickel content is too high), Glass, implant grade PTFE (Teflon).
It's been around, well, a LONG time, but only recently has the it really taken off and become popular across the spectrum. With popularity, we're seeing more and more people unsure of how exactly they should go about stretching their ear. This should be done 2-3 times per day & soothes your piercing while drawing out impurities from your piercing, thus allowing it to heal faster.
Since there's a significant amount of skin touching your plug, those dead skin cells don't have anywhere to go, so they build up on your jewellery.
This effect and the smell that goes along with it varies from person to person and from material to material, with metals generally seeming worse than other materials, like organics. The anti caking agent that prevents it from clumping together in its container can severely dry out your ears and react badly. If you are ever worried about the condition of your lobes, go to your regular piercing studio for advice. Wood is a naturally warm material, unlike glass and stone, and so can help keep your ears a little bit warmer, and blood flow a little healthier when the temperature drops outside.
While wearing jewellery, no matter what type, stress is being put on your lobe, thus restricting the flow of blood, oxygen, nutrients, etc.
This would not allow your ears to heal as quickly as if you used water based lubricant, the excess of which would either soak into your skin or evaporate.
After that time, you should allow your lobe to relax for another 2-4weeks so that the piercing is properly settled before considering stretching. One of the best ways to alleviate this problem is to take your jewellery out for a few hours each day to allow the piercing to breathe and increase blood flow to the bottom of your lobe. Over time, this will promote healthier lobes, including thickening the tissue, thus providing more room to stretch in the future.
The only concrete rule you should stick to is to only stretch when your ears are completely healed.

As a general rule, most people feel that their ears are healed after approximately 1-2 months. A blowout occurs when the pressure on the insides of the piercing is too great, and the hole deforms itself by twisting inside out, resulting in the "blowout," or section of tissue that appears as a flap on (generally) the backside of the piercing. When you feel that your ears are healed, then wait another 2-3 weeks before stretching so that the tissue has a chance to settle down and get comfortable. Waiting the extra few weeks will also help for healthy blood circulation in the lobe to re-establish itself. There might be a slight discomfort from the pressure, but there should never be anything more than that.
When larger sizes are reached, one problem that is often faced, is that the circulation in the lobe is not as efficient. Being stubborn and not taking this action could result in the blowout healing, which almost always requires surgery to fix. This can lengthen the healing time between stretches, or even lead to the tissue eventually not getting enough blood and beginning to die. Blowouts go hand in hand with tears, and most blowouts result in at least minimal tears to the lobe, so the aftercare becomes especially important. Also, due to their length, they have a high risk of being knocked and pulled which will irritate or even tear your lobes. If your blowout becomes healed, oil massages may help to some extent, but it can take a very long time. Jojoba oil is good because it is an extremely close match to the oil that your body naturally secretes, and it therefore much less likely to irritate your skin. In stretching, scar tissue is the enemy, making future stretches much more difficult and making your lobes less supple. By doing oil massages, you help enable the breakdown of any scar tissue that has formed and keep your ears as healthy as possible. Do bear in mind, that bondage tape is thicker than PTFE tape and so less is needed to stretch bigger. Another benefit to oil massages is that it helps to promote blood flow throughout your lobes, thickening them up (often substantially) over time.

Do not use sellotape, masking tape, gaffer tape, a cassette tape, duct tape, electrical tape etc. The adhesive on these types of tapes can irritate your lobes and the edges of the tape itself can be sharp.
As it is thicker also, less needs to be used at once, meaning that one roll may last longer. It may also mean that it is possible to measure the thickness of it, allowing you to keep track more exactly, of how close to the next size you are. This method is not widely used in modern-day, as it tends to cause piercings to migrate and can, especially in ears, lead to a thinning of tissue. Weights will only really sufficiently stretch the bottom part of your lobes in the long run.
In my own personal experience, weights do not cause a hugely significant problem as long as you wear them in moderation. A build-up of scar tissue may be created, which can make it more difficult to stretch in the future as scar tissue is notoriously tough. Stretching soft tissue such as ear lobes is a lengthy process, but when done correctly it is in my opinion, the most fulfilling and easiest way to get good, healthy stretched ears. Ear scalpelling can certainly be done, and is usually (when done by an experienced professional) very successful. The better idea is to scalpel only a few millimetres at a time, in order to make sure that the ear settles evenly to produce the best results.
Unless your ears are previously stretched to some extent anyway, it would be hard to achieve larger size holes unless the scalpelling was coupled with tapering.

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