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Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is Singapore's flagship hospital offering comprehensive range of medical specialties and services for our patients spanning over two centuries. He was not satisfied with the diagnosis as he recalled during his primary school days, there was a hearing test and he was referred to the children’s clinic where a “gunshot wash” was given to him. He wants to know where he can go for the same type of treatment that he had received as a child.
A The human ear is designed to be self-cleaning, where ear wax (also called cerumen) migrates out of the external ear canal and onto the skin of the external ear (pinna).
When the ear wax is unable to migrate out, it tends to become impacted in the external ear canal.
This can develop suddenly in the case of a sudden expansion of the ear wax after a swim, for instance. The hearing loss can also develop slowly over several months, in which the ear wax slowly builds up in the external ear canal and completely occludes it. This is available in certain general practice clinics as well as at ear, nose and throat specialist clinics. The first problem is that it is a “blind” procedure, as the ear canal is not visualised during this procedure.
In some patients who have a hole in the ear drum (tympanic membrane perforation), water flushed will also enter the middle ear and predispose them to infection.
Lastly, the water may also lead to rapid expansion of the ear wax, which may aggravate the impaction.
The safer way to remove ear wax is to have it removed professionally by an ear, nose and throat surgeon, who directly visualises the external ear canal with a microscope while removing the ear wax with a suction apparatus or various microscopic instruments.

As the surgeon is able to see the ear canal during the procedure, accidental damage to the ear drum and external ear canal can be avoided.
In your son’s case, where he had a hearing test and was subsequently referred to a children's clinic during his primary school days, it would be important to determine if the hearing loss was really due to the impacted ear wax or some other reason. There are numerous causes of hearing loss, including problems in the external ear, middle ear and the inner ear. It would therefore be a good idea to consult an ear, nose and throat specialist if the hearing loss persists despite clearing out the ear wax.
This information is based on a number of sources, which can be found on the Resources page. This occurs more frequently when the external ear canal is crooked or narrow, such that the wax is unable to migrate out of the ear canal easily. Please use the Contact form to submit them.What are ear candles?An ear candle, or ear cone, is a thin hollow tube of linen or muslin cloth, soaked in paraffin or beeswax, tapered at one end. However, to the uninformed consumer this display can be quite impressive, especially when accompanied by the regular contributions of regression to the mean, placebo effects, confirmation bias, etc. In truth the Hopi people deny that they have ever used ear candles and are quite upset that people continue to use their name in marketing their products.Does ear candling work?
The few research papers that have been published mainly examined if the claimed method of action, the 'chimney effect', actually exists and if the procedure actually removes wax. A limited clinical trial (eight ears) showed no removal of cerumen from the external auditory canal. In one of these cases the person escaped their house but died in the hospital emergency room from an asthma attack.What is their status in Canada?In Canada, ear candles are categorized as a Class III Medical Device.

Because of the danger they pose and the total lack of evidence for efficacy, Health Canada refuses to issue licences. Ear candling is a popular service provided by naturopaths, spas, 'wellness' centres and beauty clinics. My own research has revealed that many of these people are illegally importing the candles from the U.S.
In addition, candles are sold both openly and under the table by health food stores, organic markets and other places selling 'natural health products'. I have also learned that there are at least 3 companies in Canada that are still manufacturing them! One of these, Candlear, is currently under investigation as a result of a complaint I submitted in June 2010.SummaryThe sale and importing of ear candles is illegal in Canada.
Their use poses considerable potential for injury and is ineffective in the treatment of anything.
2005 Feb 3This article also draws on my original research that I have yet to formally write up.
I intend to add this research to the site in the near future, after which it will be properly included in these references.Further readingMore detailed information about medical devices in Canada and the legal status of ear candles.Choices Markets and Candlear – My First Complaint to Health CanadaResources - A compilation of articles, published research, books and websites Blog this!

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