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Ear wax is important for keeping ears healthy and clean, however when wax builds up, earclear can help relieve the blocked ear feeling. It cleans, lubricates and protects the lining of the ear canal, trapping dirt and repelling water.
The ear canal has a self-cleaning action that is constantly moving ear wax toward the opening of the ear. Regular jaw actions, like talking and chewing, also help to massage the wax out of the ear canal. The use of cotton tips to clean the ear may push wax deeper into the ear, making it more difficult to remove.

A large amount of hair in the ear canal can obstruct ear wax from moving naturally out of the ear. Working in dusty or dirty environments, particularly outdoors, can lead to dirt or debris building up and trapping wax in the ear.
Despite removing ear wax build-up, it is possible that the ear may become blocked with wax in the future. NOTE: You may experience a clogged ear sensation that quickly disappears once you tilt your head to allow the solution to flow out. This is because many of the causes of ear wax build-up are out of the control of the sufferer.

It is designed to work with the eara€™s natural cleansing process by gently washing away excess wax. The specially formulated solution is gentle on the delicate tissues of the ear canal and the flared tip prevents over insertion into the ear.

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