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Contents1 What is Ear Hair?2 What is the purpose of having hair in your ears?3 Who has longest ear hair in the world?4 Ear hair removal or how to get rid of hair on your ears4.1 1. In a wider sense, these hairs can include the hairs found surface of your pinna (outer ear hair) or vellus hair which are found on your entire body except for your lips, back of the ear, on hand palms, on foot sole, parts of external genital, on scar tissues, or around the navel. Just like nose hair, these hairs tend to increase as someone grows older where you will see some hair protruding from someone’s ears because hair follicles become more active with actual cause unknown. However, if you have excess hair growth from your ear canal as well as on your outer ear it could be due to a medical condition known as auricular hypertrichosis.
If you wonder how long ear hair can be, here is Radhakant Baijpai, a 64 years (in 2015), the man who holds the record of having the world’s longest ear hair which was about 25cm in 2009 and still growing but not yet 2ft as many rumors online claim. Having hair protruding from your ear or nose is unsightly and it does make you look unkempt and less desirable. Take note that whichever method you opt for, be very careful and have the right tools since ear canal skin is very sensitive and the nearby eardrum can be raptured with a small touch. Once you have the right trimmer, you need to carefully read instructions on how to trim or use it. If you opt for waxing the hair on your ears, ensure you only wax on your outer ear surface i.e.
Note: Removing hairs on your ear by sugaring works more or less as waxing in terms of their working principle. If you intend to use hair removal creams for your unwanted hair on your ears, ensure they are used only on the outer ear surface only. There are many depilatory products (creams and gels) in the market that can be used by men and women.
Just like laser hair removal, electrolysis is FDA approved and works for all skin and hair colors.
Just like laser, to permanently remove hair, you might require a number of sessions and the procedure can only be done by a certified expert.
Once you decide to use ear laser hair removal, go to an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologists for advice and removal. Singeing is a hair removal technique that has existed for several centuries and it involves burn off hair with fire.
To permanently remove hair from your ears, you need to decide whether you want to go for laser or electrolysis. Note that these two cannot be done at home unless you invite an expert and you have these equipment, something unlikely and unnecessary.
Some sources claim that repeated waxing can be a way to permanently remove hair from your ears.
Waxing and plucking are a little painful and they will only be good if used on outer ear just as is the case of creams, gels and lotions for hair removal.
If you want to do it at home, trimming, waxing, plucking and burning seems to be the way to go.

Unfortunately, we do not have any ear or nose hair trimmer reviews or we did not rate them.
For removal, any of the above methods can be used to get rid of hairs on the outer and inner part of your ear (ear canal).
0 Comments   Ear candling is an ear wax removal method that starts back to early Egyptian culture.
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The straightforward position in addition to pastoral area give you a pretty favorable trip, understanding that culminates due to. Get best insight on hair on your ears including the longest, purpose as well as ear hair removal techniques including laser, waxing, trimming, and plucking. It is also commonly referred to as canal or inner ear hair and it grows on hair follicles or cells located on the surface of your ear canal. Protecting ear from loud noise and foreign object being is often mentioned but why in men mainly and not women?
He was recognized by the Guinness World Records in 2003 when his hair was about 13.2cm long.
If you opt to go to an expert, you will spend between $10 to $70 depending on a number of factors such as location, status of the salon, etc. Instead go for the newer types of wax that only stick to our hair not skin such as soy and cream lotion waxes. Results will last for 4-6 weeks.  Be very careful when you pluck hair and avoid plucking hair inside your ear canal since it can easily lead to lesions, inflammation or ear canal infection.
A cotton ball can be used to prevent them from getting into your inner ear since them go to your inner ear can cause infections. The procedure is precise, can be used for different skin types and results can be permanent after undergoing the advised number of sessions.
Of course you expect costs in London UK, Mississauga, Dallas, Atlanta or Manila Singapore to be different.

These are the only two ways that will get rid of ear hair permanently with very predictable results.
We already said that trimming is one of the best and easiest option for any man who has this problem.
Therefore, before going for any of the above nose and ear trimmer, it is your work to ensure you do as much research as possible and read as many reviews as possible to see what users are saying about each of the trimmers. Do not be a man who is shy or has reservations about procedures such as waxing or plucking since they can also be be helpful.
Ear candling is a highly effective and safe ear wax removal procedure, and helps in strengthening mental and sinus health of several practitioners.Ear Candling Basic safety ProcedureAs with any kind of alternative treatment, it is best to consult a physician who has experience in administering such treatments before attempting it yourself. Due to the ear structure, do not use your normal beard or hair clipper, scissors or razor while trimming hair on your ear since it can be risky and cumbersome. Alternatively, block your ear canal with a cotton ball before you begin to wax the hair on your pinna. Even with the availability of many modern hair removal techniques, singeing is common in Asia, Europe and Asia. There are a number of remedies that can also help bleach or remove hair but I cannot recommend them for the hair on your ear. Just buy a good ear trimmer and learn how to use it because these trimmers are designed to be used in ears and nose with minimal chances of injuries. The fact is that these hairs look unsightly and can be a sign that age is creeping on you, something no one wants. The hairs will disappear after-4-6 weeks after birth.  There is nothing wrong about the hair.
Furthermore, some trimmers might come with some extra accessories such as lightened mirrors or a source of light for better vision. You will use less product than waxing when using the method of rolling it over the skin to remove hair. This is due to the vacuum created by the candle wick as it burns, and consumes all the air inside the ear canal.
This provides a relaxing feeling and is an enjoyable experience for people undergoing ear candling for removal of ear wax. By following these tips, you can ensure a safe, peaceful, effective and safe ear candling session.

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