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The candle is lit and the flame is said to create negative pressure, which pulls wax, toxins, and other foreign material out of the ear canal.
Proponents of ear candling often crack open the hollow ear candles at the end of the treatment to show the material which has been extracted. So if all that wax is sitting in your ear, shouldn't you be jumping to shove a candle in there and suck it out? You're putting a burning candle that drips melting wax into a sensitive orifice, so yes -- there's a danger here. As an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist, I have seen ear candling undeniably work for some people.
When people have huge cysts removed of big hematomas, I wonder if it screws up a person’s fluid equilibrium throughout their body. This information is based on a number of sources, which can be found on the Resources page.
Also called ear coning or thermal-auricular treatment, the practice involves placing a special wax candle or cone in the ear canal. However, I have also seen people sustain severe damage to their inner ears when they have used cheap or phony candles, or when they have used candles incorrectly. A plate or some other device is usually placed around the candle so that dripping, melted wax does not fall on the patient. Those opposed to the practice of ear candling say that the residue shown above doesn't come from inside the ear at all, but is rather part of the candle.

In fact, it is now illegal to sell ear candles in Canada because of the disputed benefits and the reported accidents and injuries that have been caused. Please use the Contact form to submit them.What are ear candles?An ear candle, or ear cone, is a thin hollow tube of linen or muslin cloth, soaked in paraffin or beeswax, tapered at one end.
In some tests that have been done, candles that have been burned without being inserted in ears generated the same junk shown above!
You can read the Canadian government report on ear candles here -- it is quite instructive.
If you're purchasing ear candles on the net, take your time and look around before purchasing. Go to the manufacturer's website and make sure they describe the candle's function thoroughly.
However, to the uninformed consumer this display can be quite impressive, especially when accompanied by the regular contributions of regression to the mean, placebo effects, confirmation bias, etc.
In truth the Hopi people deny that they have ever used ear candles and are quite upset that people continue to use their name in marketing their products.Does ear candling work? The few research papers that have been published mainly examined if the claimed method of action, the 'chimney effect', actually exists and if the procedure actually removes wax. A limited clinical trial (eight ears) showed no removal of cerumen from the external auditory canal. In one of these cases the person escaped their house but died in the hospital emergency room from an asthma attack.What is their status in Canada?In Canada, ear candles are categorized as a Class III Medical Device.

Because of the danger they pose and the total lack of evidence for efficacy, Health Canada refuses to issue licences.
Ear candling is a popular service provided by naturopaths, spas, 'wellness' centres and beauty clinics. My own research has revealed that many of these people are illegally importing the candles from the U.S. In addition, candles are sold both openly and under the table by health food stores, organic markets and other places selling 'natural health products'.
I have also learned that there are at least 3 companies in Canada that are still manufacturing them!
One of these, Candlear, is currently under investigation as a result of a complaint I submitted in June 2010.SummaryThe sale and importing of ear candles is illegal in Canada. Their use poses considerable potential for injury and is ineffective in the treatment of anything. 2005 Feb 3This article also draws on my original research that I have yet to formally write up. I intend to add this research to the site in the near future, after which it will be properly included in these references.Further readingMore detailed information about medical devices in Canada and the legal status of ear candles.Choices Markets and Candlear – My First Complaint to Health CanadaResources - A compilation of articles, published research, books and websites Blog this!

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