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Before you shower, fill one ear with vegetable oil and let it soak by lying on your side for five minutes, or more if you can stand it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In normal amounts, ear wax (cerumen) provides protection from bacteria and acts as a self-cleaning agent and lubricant, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology.
Use warm water to irrigate your child’s ears by using a bulb or medical syringe (without needle) containing warm (not hot) water. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. However, once ear wax builds up, it can cause discomfort, partial hearing loss, tinnitus, odor, itchiness and dryness of the ears.
Keep the temperature of the water the same as the body temperature so that your child will not experience dizziness. If you see thick ear-wax buildup near the ear opening and on the earlobes, use a damp cheesecloth to wipe it off.

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Don't Miss Out!Sign up for our ModernMom weekly newsletter full of recipes, tips, and must have info for moms! If your child experiences one or more of these symptoms, it’s time to clean up his ears. To irrigate, tilt your child’s head at an angle, then start squirting water inside the ear using the syringe. After a couple of minutes, turn your ear to the bottom of the shower, ┬ájump on your right leg and bang your head on the opposite side, gently.
If you do not have an ear dropper on hand, you can use a medicine dropper, but first sterilize it with hot water or alcohol before using. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in medical technology from Saint Louis University, Philippines. Tilt your child’s head on one side or have your child lie down sideways with the affected ear facing up.

American Academy of Otolaryngology cautions people not to use an oral jet irrigator, a dental cleaning device used at home, in place of a syringe because it can damage your child’s eardrums. Gently pull the ear lobe away from the neck, hold the dropper directly above the ear opening without letting the dropper touch the ear and gently squeeze to apply the drops. You should not irrigate your child’s eardrums if your child has diabetes, a perforated eardrum and tube in the eardrum or a weakened immune system to avoid infecting the inner tissues.
Your child should stay in this position for at least five minutes so that the oil will spread into the canal. Ear irrigation is most effective after applying ear drops or saline solutions that loosen ear wax at least 30 minutes before.

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