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Original As Seen on TV Ear Wax Vac Cordless Earwax Remover is the safe and hygienic way to remove wax and dry your ears. If you have any problems with your coupon, call our customer support center at (516)-441-5290 and have name of your item and Deal Chicken coupon code ready.
This Professsional Automatic Earwax Cleaner by Beautyko offers a more scientific approach to the problem of ear wax and inner ear moisture.
Say goodbye to those nasty, ineffective cotton swabs, cleaning the junk out of your ears just became a pleasant experience – Say hello to WaxVac. Thank you TJ for your recommendation and we here at GreatInventions agree that WaxVac is an exceptionally fine ear wax sucker.
For submitting his recommendation, TJ has received a 15% off coupon for his next purchase, valid for 30 days, applicable to Sale Items.
The term 'play by ear' originated from long-forgotten court jester skills used for earlobe accordion performances in front of lords and kings.
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Quiet and cordless, the wax vacuum's gentle suction is safer than cotton swabs, yet effectively removes dirt particles and moisture from the ear. Website flat shipping rate is $7.00 but shipping fee will be also waived for the coupon holders. After coupon use final total in the shopping cart should be $0.00, we don't collect any money and credit card info, we just need to know your shipping address.
This Cordless Ear Wax Suction Removal Device includes 4 multi-colored silicone tips, for optimal family hygiene. Polish equipment with todaya€™s Groupon: for RM28, you get a lightweight ear wax cleaner (RM59 value) from As Seen On TV Malaysia, with free nationwide delivery.
Even though the cleaner is equipped with a safety guard, avoid penetrating more than 3mm into the inner ear area. Our deals offer discounts up to 70% on Shopping, Beauty, Restaurant, Leisure-Offers, Travel, Wellness, Tickets, Healthcare, Servicesand more! This innovative little suction device works miracles for swimmer's ear and can be used after pool, shower or any type of underwater immersion.

Cotton swabs notoriously push ear wax further into ear canal, causing further problems and disgusting wax build-up. For serious wax issues, the earwax suction device is safe to use in conjunction with ear wax softening drops. When traveling, cotton swabs are easily scattered and eventually become questionably hygenic.
Gentle Ear Wax Vacuum Cleaner is powerful yet gentle and features an examining light on the tip and is cordless. This device carries on easily and eliminates the need to carry or buy cotton swabs altogether. Powered by (2) AA batteries this convenient, compact and portable device provides powerful suction for instant relief and assurance.

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