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If you have any problems with your coupon, call our customer support center at (516)-441-5290 and have name of your item and Deal Chicken coupon code ready. This Professsional Automatic Earwax Cleaner by Beautyko offers a more scientific approach to the problem of ear wax and inner ear moisture. Wax Vac -Electric Ear Vacuum Cleaner Kit- Safe, Hygenic, Gentle, Seen On TV, Imported, Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Website flat shipping rate is $7.00 but shipping fee will be also waived for the coupon holders. After coupon use final total in the shopping cart should be $0.00, we don't collect any money and credit card info, we just need to know your shipping address. This Cordless Ear Wax Suction Removal Device includes 4 multi-colored silicone tips, for optimal family hygiene. This innovative little suction device works miracles for swimmer's ear and can be used after pool, shower or any type of underwater immersion. Cotton swabs notoriously push ear wax further into ear canal, causing further problems and disgusting wax build-up. For serious wax issues, the earwax suction device is safe to use in conjunction with ear wax softening drops.

When traveling, cotton swabs are easily scattered and eventually become questionably hygenic. This device carries on easily and eliminates the need to carry or buy cotton swabs altogether. Powered by (2) AA batteries this convenient, compact and portable device provides powerful suction for instant relief and assurance.
Cotton Swabs can be dangerous as they can puncture your ear drum and are not advised to enter the ear canal.
The revolutionary WaxVac, as seen on tv, uses a safe, gentle suction to draw dirt and moisture out of the ear. Simply attach the Wax Vac silicone tip and insert in ear.Cotton swabs push waz and debris futher into the ear, which can damage the ear drums. WaxVac is powerful however light associate degreed options an examining light-weight on the tip and is conductor. Uses a pair of AA batteries (not included) Say “Goodbye” to cotton swabs with WaxVac ear cleaner!
1If you order the WaxVac®, your first impression will likely be that it is very light, but, easy to understand and assemble for use.

As directed, post a morning shower the WaxVac® was inserted into an ear and began vacuuming up wax. The company is proud to introduce itself as one of the promising Exporters, Importers, and Exporters of a dynamic range of Products.
Right from personal care, home & office utilities to healthcare, we have products catering to every single need of our clients. Our product line includes Kitchen Appliances, Electric Appliances, Gas Water Heater, Raksha Kavach, Revive Tumbler, and so on.Contact UsIf you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Watch as your social life takes flight after you make full use of this vacuum ear cleaning system, design for a painless and effective ear-cleansing routine.

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