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Not all children with hearing loss become successful readers and there is not one way to improve reading ability for all children.
The ability to apply text processing strategies for the purpose of figuring out unfamiliar words and passages. So how does one ensure that children with hearing loss learn reading comprehension strategies?     Research encourages conversations with peers and grown-ups before, during and after read-aloud time to nurture literacy, as well as routine conversations with expert communicators such as teachers, peers and parents to help children develop their background knowledge of the language. A child with strong language skills is more likely to learn to read as the words already have meaning, he just needs to learn the printed representation. If your child is primarily using his listening skills to learn, use stories that he is familiar with and have him follow your finger under the words as you read aloud.
If your child needs visual support, sit side-by-side and encourage him to listen and watch your face as you read, then repeat the line, moving your finger along the words. Encourage language development by having him repeat the story plot to a family member or a favorite toy. If your child uses sign language, be sure to sign the story or use speech and sign at the same time, depending on how your child communicates most easily (see 15 principles for reading to Deaf children). Use these strategies to help improve reading skills but remember, reading should be a fun sharing time for the two of you. Studies show that regularly reading out loud to children will produce significant gains in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and the decoding of words. Children with a large array of reading materials in their homes score higher on standardized tests.

Establish a daily 15 to 30 minute time when everyone in the family reads together silently. Entice your children to read more by taking them to the library every few weeks to get new reading materials.
To help your children improve their reading, use textbooks, computer programs, books-on-tape, and other materials available in stores. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.
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Here are 10 ways that families can improve their child’s reading skills, with or without a hearing loss! They also encourage development of phonemic awareness (letter-sound associations) in meaningful contexts through wordplay activities, such as reading in character and using interactive books. Children with language delays may be learning the meaning of words at the same time as they are trying to learn the printed words. Ask him questions about what happened in the story, what characters may be thinking and what he thinks may happen next. Use of the strategies should not interfere with his enjoyment of the story and being with you!
Whether your children are preschoolers or preteens, it will increase their desire to read independently.
Tempt your kids to read by having a large supply of appealing books and magazines at their reading level.

Have them read menus, roadside signs, game directions, weather reports, movie time listings, and other practical everyday information. The library also offers reading programs for children of all ages that may appeal to your children and further increase their interest in reading. Find out if your children can sound out words, know sight words, use context to identify unknown words, and clearly understand what they read. Games are especially good choices because they let children have fun as they work on their skills. Join a community of online entrepreneurs who are committed and dedicated to making money online. Whether you earn $20 or $2,000, you can get your cash whenever you request it with no fees applied. Follow your child’s lead and use stories with known vocabulary and topics interesting to him. Sometimes ask silly questions so that he can enjoy explaining what is really going on, experienced by characters, etc. Also, make sure they always have something to read in their spare time when they could be waiting for appointments or riding in a car.
Track their progress in acquiring basic reading skills on report cards and standardized tests.
Make sure your children receive necessary help from teachers, tutors, or learning centers as soon as you discover a problem.

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