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Noise cancelling ear plugs can be a great way to get some sleep when ambient noises may distract you. This ultimate softness series of Hearos foam earplugs are made in the USA, which carries a level of quality that many foreign manufacturers can’t equal. Each earplug is suggested to last at least 5 days, and longer depending on the amount of ear wax you produce. There are few things better than a large pack of earplugs that can help you get a good night’s sleep. One interesting thing to note about Flents is that they can actually be run through the washer and dryer and then reused. Designed by an ENT doctor to safely and effectively dry the outer ear canal where bacteria can grow and cause infections. Comes with five colour-coded, washable ear pieces for better hygiene between multiple users.
Cutting edge technology utilises computer chip to control maximum temperature, warm up time and cycle duration. Delivery times vary slightly, but we aim to ensure all orders are delivered within 7 working days.
The average waiting time for this is 2-4 working days, but please allow up to 7 days for delivery to take place. If you work or manage people in a loud, commercial environment, it is critical to protect your hearing and avoid hearing damage of your employees. Research has shown that eight hours of exposure to any noise at or above 85 decibels a day could cause gradual hearing loss or hearing damage. Your employees need to be protected with quality and reliable industrial ear plugs that have a significant noise reduction ratings (NRR), promising certain decibel reduction of noise.  Industrial ear plugs enable you to determine the amount of noise (in decibels) to reduce from the noise level in your work area. For example, if your work environment exudes a noise level of 100 decibel, an industrial ear plug with NRR of 30 decibel will be able to reduce level of noise to 70 decibel to the wearer. As a responsible employer, getting industrial ear plugs for your employees is morally appropriate but it may also be a legal compliance practice.
For superior and reliability-proven industrial ear plugs, HEAROS has been the trusted partner to many responsible employers for decades.
Ultimately, HEAROS’ industrial disposable foam ear plugs are specially designed to promise comfort for your employees, and allow them to work and concentrate better at a noisy environment. As the established brand in the market, HEAROS’ ear plugs are available in more than 50,000 stores worldwide. Shipping address: Regardless of which address you leave on our online shop system,we will ship the item to your Paypal address ONLY, if you pay through Paypal. Earplugs are available which help to protect ears from the pain caused by airplane cabin pressure changes.

Earplugs for sleeping are made to be as comfortable as possible while blocking external sounds that may prevent or disrupt sleep. To determine the comfort of earplugs used for sleeping, it is important to try it on while actually lying down.
Tips:If your order amount is more than $30, we will send registered parcel for you, if the amount of your order higher than the $250 we will ship your parcel by EMS or DHL express. Particularly if you are in a noisy environment or if every sound tends to rouse you, these can be the difference between a night of relaxing sleep almost every night and virtual insomnia with all the problems that can cause. As well, buying American made goods like these can help you sleep easily at night knowing that you’re keeping jobs in the country. If you don’t produce much, these earplugs can last for 10 days per pair or even longer. Just like with other foam earplugs, these Hearos need to be inserted by lifting the top of your ear and rolling the earplugs into a tight cylinder.
For example, these Flents Quiet Please ear plugs are a 50 pack of white foam that can help you overcome loud snoring or other types of ambient sound that may be keeping you up at night.
While ear plugs are bound to get lost sometimes, this can lead to a well maintained pair lasting as long as a month or more apiece. By logging in using the details you supplied during registration, you can keep track of your order to see what stage of delivery it is at. Orders that have just been received will be set to a status of entering until a member of our dispatch team processes it. For this reason, using industrial ear plugs can help protect your employees from noise-induced hearing loss, hypertension, cardiovascular problems or even sleep disturbances caused by long term exposure to damaging noise levels at their workplaces.
If your employees work full-time in a recording store, manufacturing facility utilizing machineries, road work environment, lawn-care environment, carpentry business, construction or cleaning work environment, chances are they are exposed to harmful noise levels for long period of time in a day if… they are not using industrial ear plugs. HEAROS has designed and developed a special NRR 33 earplug known as the Xtreme Protection Series foam ear plug. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) states that hearing protective devices should be worn in environments where loud noise levels, or duration of exposure is higher than the accepted limit, for instance, eight hours of exposure to 90 decibel of noise or more.
Some products contain a porous ceramic insert which reportedly aids equalization of air pressure between the middle and outer ear thereby preventing pain during landings and take-offs.
Specialized earplugs for such noises as a partner's snoring may have sound-dampening enhancements that enable the user to still hear other noises, such as an alarm clock. The pressure on the ear between the head and pillow may cause a significant reduction in comfort. With the neutral coloration of these foam earplugs, they are barely noticeable and won’t stand out wherever you go. That means that a six pack may be able to last you almost 4 years of continuous usage before you have to pick up more of them.

This way they can expand properly into your ear and provide you with their maximum level of protection. With these ear plugs, machinery, heavy equipment, hand tools, music or just loud roommates can be tuned out with ease.
That means that a pack of 200 could conceivably last 15 years or more — not bad for a product that costs under forty dollars. If you have ear drainage, pain, irritation or have had head surgery, ask a doctor before using the EarDryer. If for some reason we are unable to deliver within this time, we will contact you to let you know when to expect them. Also, HEAROS offers bulk ear plugs of its super soft NRR 30 product, known as the Ultimate Soft Series. Furthermore, just tilting the head back or to the side causes significant anatomical changes in the ear canal, mostly a reduction of the ear canal diameter, which may reduce comfort if the earplug is too large.
Their noise reduction levels are 32 dB, which can virtually cancel out fairly quiet sounds such as passing cars. A six pack of Hearos, which amounts to 120 pairs that may last for many months of regular usage, is just over $53. One problem that people with sensitive ears have reported is that these can get uncomfortable after a few hours of usage.
In addition to protecting your hearing with some of the best protection available, these Flents do not fall out or become uncomfortable if you like to sleep on your side like a lot of people do. Between saving your hearing from loud sounds and letting you get a good night’s sleep, these are an incredible deal. The fact that these ear plugs are white means that you can find them in fairly dark rooms with relative ease. It’s generally worth your while to get the green case, which allows you to carry several pairs with you but not the entire package, as the green case is practically free and very convenient.
Gently place the EarDryer earpiece into the ear and hold until the drying cycle is completed. Even sounds that would normally begin to take away your ability to hear over time can be made far more manageable with these earplugs. Remove the reusable earpiece and clean it using warm, soapy, water or rubbing alcohol on it after each use.

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