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Regardless of what you offer your customers, the components that make up earrings contribute to the final product, its wearability and comfort.
Quality posts are most often required, but different shaped ears may call for different types of posts.
The solution is to use a fine-point permanent marker to mark the post at the location where it exits the back of the lobe.
Show your customers a small display of the various earring backs to help them feel more involved in the sale.
Certain types of backs will offer your customers peace of mind when buying expensive earrings.
High-security backs feature opposing spring-loaded clips that lock securely onto a specially designed post.
Heavy earrings stretched the piercing in this earlobe, so a standard back will no longer support a stud. Oversized backs firmly but comfortably hold studs against the lobe even if the piercing is stretched.

Small Lucite discs inserted on the post between the back of the ear lobe and the nut before it’s installed are inexpensive and offer a large diameter of support. All variations, when used in combination with the proper posts and backs, offer a multitude of choices for customers. F.Stones should be set according to professional prong-setting standards, as outlined in Professional Jeweler, February 1998, pp. Lifted or rough prongs will snag in longer hair and be a continuing source of annoyance to your customer.
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The position of the locking notch on a standard post allows too much space between the back and the earring, causing the earring to droop forward. 183-184 or in the JA Professional’s Guide to Fine Jewelry Craftsmanship counter book, p.

Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment.
This new notch will hold the earring back in place and keep the stud from drooping forward.
You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process.
Ballou, a findings company in Rhode Island, is developing a single-sided spring clip that will be even easier for customers to work.

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