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I also liked her simple wire triangles which captured the loops of the wire lengths and provided the anchor points for the chain and the clasp. I like how she included the "moon" and  used different colored wire to add color to the design. What was clever was how she deliberately use coiled green wire which was then unraveled and woven in and out of the copper "tree branches".
Her fabric necklaces and yarn adorned wood bangles are made from natural materials so that they will be safe for baby to enjoy especially during breast feeding and to chomp on while in the teething stage. She outsources the fair trade collection to help a group of disadvantaged and impoverished women in India. Who knew there would be a wonderful story to the jewelry "Worn by Mums, Enjoyed by Monkeys"! The durable,non-tarnish property was very important to some, especially those who do Viking knit and wire crochet. The best test of the durability of Parawire came from Rikki who said, "I love Parawire and have used this for several years. The cause of the slight yellowish tinge I noticed in the photos could be the coating according to these readers. Diana Challis confirmed this observation, " I sell my work on the street, and I noticed that a lot of exposure to harsh sunlight will eventually damage the wire coating, so it becomes yellowish.

Ecuadorian Hands, a small eco friendly company, in South America processes tagua nuts into beads. This necklace is now available in my Etsy store where 100% of the net proceeds from its sale will go to the Air Shepherd Initiative (The Lindbergh Foundation) which uses drones to police large areas and stop the unprecedented killing of elephants and rhinos in Africa. If you would like to make tagua bead jewelry and perhaps do your part and raise awareness of the plight of elephants (and rhinos), then have a go at this Ecuadorian Hands giveaway for $60 worth of tagua beads. All the natural light photographs were taken on my iPhone 5 with the help of the camera+ app and the Modahaus Tabletop Studio (TS320) and the tallest Steady Stand (overhead picture). There is something fascinating about owls so much so that they are favorite motif of crafters - the wire wrapped owl tutorial collection I shared recently was popular. Evgeny Voronov's sweet owl design is also bead embroidered but with a cabochon and gemstone chips for the wings. The two women then worked with a development group in Jaipur, India to provide these women with a long term source of income for them. These lightweight beads have some of the properties of ivory - the same natural color and a good material for carving. The tusks and horns go to the Far East where owning ivory is a status symbol and where the rhino horns are used as unproven folk medicine.
The slip on jewelry pieces are light weight, comfortable and fashionable for mothers to wear They are easily handwashable.

It is a great product too but prefer Parawire for the extra bright and shiny look especially with their fine silver plated silver wire.
So be sure to leave a contact email if you don't have an online link or make sure you come back and check! The necklaces in this line utilize the organic cotton and silk off cuts from the Mehera Shaw manufacturing line.
The outnumbered and ill equipped park rangers in the front line need all the help they can get in this increasingly violent endeavor. Translating it is not helpful so this tutorial is only applicable for those who can figure it out with the help of the pictures. You could use just one but like this past tagua bead necklace design, I decided it would be much more fun to use a number of them in a wire wrapping project.

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