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It is not enough to choose the right pants, the right blouse, and the right pair of shoes anymore. Stud earring is the type of earrings that could be worn with any type of clothing; from ripped jeans to formal evening gown. Join Guest instructor Melodey MacDuffee, author of several books including Boutique Bead & Wire Jewelry! Cancellations: Fees on basic classes are refundable if you provide more than 48 hours notice in advance.
Please be respectful of everyone’s time and arrive for your class a few minutes early.

This type of earring consists of different layers of branches hanging from a core earring base that is attached to the earlobe. A hoop earring is a circular or oval earring that traces itself around your ear piercing from one end to the other.
It consists of a gemstone, in different geometric shapes, attached to a base on the earlobe. You can choose the right height and width, as well as the right number of loops for hanging the dangles…all while saving bunches of money! Class fees are not refundable if cancellations are received less than 24 hours in advance, or for non-attendance.

This category of earrings comes in many different sizes ranging from tiny circles to shoulder-rubbing ones.
This type of earrings goes best with classy and stylish clothes, but if matched appropriately, they can really bring out the hip in any casual outfit.

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