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Gold pearl stud earring designs, View pearl earring designs, 1000s Product Details from 1000s Jewelry Co., Ltd. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Don’t worry about the design, because all gold earrings displayed in the pictures are available to complete your wedding or formal fashion style.
The length of the dazzling earring may be different from each other depending on the model and embellishment.
Stud is a kind of earring which is designed only with a patented stone as ornament with short and sharp pin to insert into your ears.

A pair of shorter dazzling earrings only has a big golden pendant with small white pearls as ornament. Various gorgeous gold earring designs are used to complete Indian women wedding appearance.
Traditionally, Indian bride must wear wedding dress completed by much jewelry on her head, wrists, ankles, fingers and neck. Since it was about Indian style, the studs must be designed elegantly with much Indian accent on it.
And all kinds of jewelry are made of yellow gold with Indian typical feature on each of them.

And there are some black beads which are attached on the bottom part of studs as additional embellishment.

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