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When I got home, the intention was to paint it brown to match the furniture in our bedroom but after holding it up in the room it actually fit it quite nicely even being gold.
I also picked up these really ugly, yet perfect curtains to be the backing for the earring holder. October 6, 2012 by Renee Leave a Comment It’s been a pretty busy little Saturday around these parts.
I did a quick 30 minute  weight workout after while I watched the Rachel Zoe Project that was on this morning!  Side note I loved this show does anyone know if it’s coming back this year?  Watching Ms.
Balancing healthy-living as mother, wife, employee, business owner and friend takes all the help you can get let me be a resource for you!
I don’t spend much money on my earrings because they always get lost (or taken and sat on by my oldest). I know I posted a picture of myself (with Cynthia Sass) yesterday, I promise I’m not full of myself.
They seriously were hideous, but they were white and hole-y so I thought they would work well.

Speaking of hope, I’m praying that all of my earrings are going to fit on this thing! It’s simple enough, but I know how having it on paper can make things easier sometimes! My son’s soccer game was called due to rain so rather than spending hours of my morning freezing outside I got stuff done! There is something about fall that makes me crave oatmeal, maybe it’s because I add pumpkin to it? Zoe and all her jewels also reminded me that I have a craft project that needs to be completed.
Sadly  that means very little girlie time, so crafting fills that void for me.  I have been seeing on Pinterest for months these super cute DIY earring holders and was confident I could be just as creative as those DIY bloggers! When you buy a pair to match all your outfits they start to pile up and it’s just plain hard not to lose them.
I removed the back of the frame and using a staple gun, I just pulled and stapled the curtain fabric tightly across the back of the frame.

Sadly enough, you can do better than that at Walmart these days so why waste your time getting one used anyhow? I actually did a double layer of the fabric to thicken it up a bit and give the earrings a little more to cling to. I don’t talk about it much on here since this is more of my health and fitness outlet but I am one crazy coupon lady. Sure you can go out and buy something already completed, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices because things aren’t always customized for you. I play a game with my husband after a good deal day where he has to guess how much it cost me!
What prompted this project was a friend on mine on facebook who made one with chicken wire.

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