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Now that we are homeowners and frequent Home Depot more than Michael's, i perused their perforated metal sheets and found the perfect one to hang all my long, dangly earrings from! My sheet of metal was 12"x24", and they do make picture frames that size, but I found this frame at the thrift store and thought it would be perfect for this project.
Now I just need to come up with one for all my studs, since I didn't want to be hooking and un-hooking earrings to the frame all the time. Our solid cherry and red oak earring holders are hand rubbed with oil and finished with a satin poly for a maintenence free finish.
Next, I pulled the screen across the back of the frame and used the staple gun to put in the first staple. Enter your email address to subscribe to the Chickster blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We use tongue-and-groove joints at the corners of the frame and other quality woodworking techniques so you'll be able to enjoy using this earring holder for many, many years. The earring trees in the past were cute, but they weren't very easy to use when you had to reach around the back to reattach the earring backs.
2.) Measure the opening of your frame and cut out a piece of screen door fabric accordingly. 3.) Once you have your screen door fabric, stretch tightly across the back of the frame and insert staples into the frameĀ one inch apart.
3 years ago I wouldn't wear them because I keep my hair pretty short and thought my fat ears made earrings look funny! I mentioned that I have a hanging organizer that has lots of tiny clear pockets, and it still is a great solution, but I came across a photo on pinterest awhile ago that intrigued me.

My jewelry box is a bit of a tangled mess that often ends with me wearing the same pair of earrings practically every day or forgoing them all together, which isn’t ideal when there are just so many fun earrings out there.
It was pretty easy to cut it with scissors, but if you have a pet or an often-barefooted roommate, be mindful that the screen left behind some small metal pieces that could be painful to step on.
Then I moved to the opposite side and put in another staple and continued that pattern until it was stapled all the way around.
Insert the staples as close to the frame opening as possible, as this will help keep the fabric taut.
To hang your earring holder, it is best to attach small sawtooth hangers to the frame, especially if it’s large and heavy. I removed all the glass, cardboard and pictures and nailed (with some tiny tiny nails) the sheet of metal to the back of the frame. If I had it to do over again, I would probably staple the screen to the back of the frame rather than the inside lip of the frame (where the glass would press against if the frame had glass) because I think I would have been able to pull the screen tighter that way.
Some little s hooks from the hardware store will make it work for necklaces and hoop earrings.
With that said, I just poked one very, very small hole in the center of my fabric and used a small nail to hang my earring holder. Well, my husband went on a business trip and found a necklace he really liked for me, but the guy wouldn't sell it to him without the earrings so he thought he'd give it a try. I happened to have this old frame laying around the house, and that’s why I chose it. As for my inspiration for these handy earring holder frames, my dear friend Kristen thought them up when we were in college.

Also, the staples ended up coming through a little on that inside lip so you can see them from the front. One important thing to note: you will be using a staple gun to adhere the screen door fabric to the frame, so make sure your frame is sturdy enough to stand-up against a staple gun.
I mean, you can find stands with awesome earrings for 1000 won, which is less than a dollar.
So, I may or may not have grabbed like 5-10 pairs every time I came across one of those stands! You may need to have a little cup with all of the backings, but it would save you from having to hook and un-hook the earrings. It may not work for tiny studs that would fall through the holes, but I think it would be a great idea for the larger ones. I haven't figured out a nice way to display it yet, but it would be a very easy way to organize earrings.
Seems like they'd be fairly inexpensive to make, think two teenage grand daughters would love these.

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