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Then, with the earring cards I purchased to reduce the crazy colors I’d see looking at this thing, I hung up my earrings. My LA apartment has a tiny entryway – it so small that there’s barely enough room for the door to open all the way! There are many DIY headboard ideas out there and I had always wanted to make my own, especially an upholstered one. When I built my banquette seating for my dining room, I made an upholstered tufted wall panel for the back. I really wish I could renovate my bathroom, but being a renter, doing a complete gut job and rebuilding from scratch wasn’t a possibility. I’ve shown you a tip for mess-free drilling into walls using a post-it note to catch the dust in the past, but what about when you’re drilling into the ceiling? Many apartments have basic builder grade finishes that can be pretty plain and boring, and my apartment is no exception.

Small kitchens can be challenging when it comes to storage, but you can easily create more by adding a small extra shelf in your upper cabinets. Sometimes you can find great deals for used furniture at garage sales, on Craigslist or even at thrift stores.
My home office is set up in a very dark corner of my apartment living room so to brighten it up, I went looking for a mirror to hang on the back wall to reflect some light. On one of my very frequent trips to IKEA, I found inexpensive LACK tables that were the perfect color to work as nightstands in my bedroom .  The only problem was that they were too low for my bed. Living with a cat has meant that I’ve always had a not so attractive scratching post around my apartment. My Occasional Compulsive wouldn’t allow me to hang the jewelry up with varying card styles, so I also purchased earring cards in bulk to unify the aesthetic.
I went to IKEA awhile ago when I was in college looking for inexpensive decor and organization items while I was living on my own.

I already had an existing base for the bed so I needed to make a headboard that was separate from the base. The lighting, however, was definitely something that I could upgrade without changing out the existing lighting fixture. It’s already been a year since I transformed my balcony from a sad worn out unused outdoor space into a beautiful cozy outdoor room. I have very inexpensive hallow core doors that have zero character or architectural detail and they were screaming for some moulding detail. So, knowing this specific detail about my forgetful self, I went to Ikea (love) long ago and purchased what I thought could become my new jewelry display.

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