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View detailsThis wooden earring stand has been handmade fromhaldu wood by skilled Fair Trade artisans inIndia . Acrylic Glasses Display,Plexiglass Sunglasses Stand,Lucite Eyeglasses Holder is made of clear and white Acrylic; 2. Acrylic Glasses Display,Perspex Eyewear Display,Lucite Sunglasses Holder is made of clear PMMA; 2.

Acrylic CD Rack,Perspex DVD Holder,Plexiglass CD Display is made of 8mm clear Acrylic with metal rods; 2.
This stand is made by myself from Quality Figured Light Oak or Dark(your choice) and finished to the very highest of standards. This stand is made by myself from QualityDark Oak Wood and finished to the very highest of standards.

Postage and packaging charges (I use recycled packaging where possible) and charges do include petrol and car park fees.

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