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So, as you all know, I’m madly preparing for the Brisbane Indie Designers Market next Saturday. I have had some neat ideas for my displays, so I thought I’d share with you all and see what you thought! Last, I had a brainwave about how to display my Resin Candy necklaces… what do you think?
Oh, I’m also working on some new Resin Candy Earrings to compliment my necklaces – what do you think?
I love the earring tree, the photos are great too, I did a photo thing for my stall, I got photos of my stuff printed on material at our local copy shop and made a banner, works well even in the rain. Join the people subscribed to the Epheriell Silver Service and get 10% off your next Epheriell order!

Hi, I'm Jess - self-employed crafty lady, jewellery designer, writer, teacher, speaker, big dreamer, kindle addict and lover of life.
Want to learn how to turn your handmade hobby into a full-time business… from those who’ve actually done it?
It looks a bit messy atm, because it was raining when I made them, and the card has warped a bit because of the moisture.
I in the end covered cork boards with fabric and hinged them together, and had ribbon to hang my jewellery off (attached to folded cards) and that works a treat as it’s quick to set up and pack away too.
With the canvas, we attached a piece of wood to the back to stand it up (kind of like a photo frame). I think the idea of using photographs of your work is a great idea and the use of a canvas is nifty.

Your canvas isn’t overloaded and I like the black, and if you get a stand sorted it will work- unlike mine!
Just a thought though, you could get some black or silver pins so that the white isn’t so prominent.

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