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I don't think about my scar most of the year, until the mercury rises and sleeves get gradually shorter.
Several years ago, following my college graduation, I joined up with the touring company of Cirque du Soleil. By the time I returned to Boston in the fall, I destroyed three disposable razors shaving in an attempt to rejoin organized society.
After several months (a long time, I know, but someone as paranoid as I rarely seeks professional medical help) it occurred to me that it might be an ingrown hair. My sample went off to the lab, and I went packing home with a wad of gauze stuffed into the little hole in my underarm. I obtained a clean razor blade, some alcohol swabs, a pair of tweezers sterilized over a flame, and a washcloth. Lying on my back, with the help of a freestanding magnifying mirror, I used the razor to reopen the doctor's incision.
I had no way to close the wound, so I simply cleaned it well, applied a gauze wrap, and babied the arm for a few days.

By July in New England, it's tank top season, and as I pull on a cotton indie tank, I suddenly begin to wonder if anyone will notice this year. Then, as months passed and it surprised me with its longevity, I began to prod at the lump. Encouraged by this relatively harmless self-diagnosis, I went to my helpful neighborhood HMO and asked a surgeon for help.
I craned my head to watch as the surgeon drained a small amount of clear fluid from the lump. Perhaps they fear my surgical prowess, or perhaps it is my extreme vigilance that keeps them away, as I police every part of my body with an eye to prevention. I spent the summer roaming the east coast as a wayward hippie, sleeping in a tent, working in a tent, and letting my body hair grow in a most unladylike fashion.
Hand, I should say, as it is only possible to use one arm to operate when the other arm is the subject.
I don't know if it had taken a month to work its way to the surface, or if my surgeon was just incredibly unobservant.

A few centimeters above the hole, there is a depressed area of darkened skin--presumably where the fluid had collected prior to the hair's liberation. I'm sure this sort of procedure is quite the risky undertaking, but I am quite proud of my success.
I worried that it might be blood poisoning, a tumor, some weird manifestation of breast cancer, or a nest of spider eggs laid subcutaneously during my carnie stint. Until my medical degree comes through, I'll be gingerly shaving like a fashionable modern girl, but secretly wondering if the hippie chicks don't have the right idea.

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