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Well, maybe I do remember, but just like so many other jewelry fads, I let it slip right by me without ever  owning one.
It's too interesting for me to pass up (which if you've ever gone to a craft or bead store with me - applies to huge categories of goodies). So, now I have the wire, but I can't stand the thought of memory wire bracelets because I have a stack of freshly made elastic stretchy bracelets sitting in front of me that I still have a bit of denial and guilt over loving.
Cut the wire so you have enough of an overlap so that when you make a loop on each side of the wire, they will line up. When your beads are all on, close the loop on the other side of the hoop, trying to get them to align when the hoop is in its resting position (i.e. But if you're not all that showy, try the smaller memory wire loops that are about 1.25 inches in diameter.

Many of you signed up to receive my blog posts by e-mail - and I thank you for doing that BUT you won't get emails unless you respond to the confirmation email. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, Amazon or other affiliates will pay me a commission for it. I prefer to think of myself as liking classics with a contemporary (or not) twist.Anyway, I too struggled with that older memory wire, especially finishing the ends so they would be comfortable to wear. My best luck was with a thinner gauge that I used with shell heishi and turquoise or other gemstone chips and beads. It was a twelve wire cuff, with the memory wires looped around a straight piece of wire at each end and two twisted fine wire separators to keep the strands flat. The color caught my eye---shades of sage green, beige, dusty pale pink, with glints of gold.

I made earrings similar to yours, but looped the 2 ends together & then put a jump ring on to connect my earwire.
ReplyDeleterinzilinzDecember 19, 2015 at 11:13 AMI found the Beadalon memory wire, and LOOOOVE it!
I made earrings similar to yours, but closed the 2 ends together, and then added a jump ring for my ear wires.

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