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Your doctor would first examine the infected site to ensure that it has not caused any complications further. Piercing is done as a fashion in many parts of the body like nose, lip, nipples, ears and nose.
Normally piercing gets infected depending on the area in which piercing is done and on the tools used for piercing.
The area in which piercing is done will be pinkish red for some days and it will assume normal color in few days. Localized infection within the epithelial-lined fistula tract of a pierced ear is usually the result of poor hygiene. The tragus is the small piece of cartilage that sticks out in front of the entrance to the ear canal. We’ve put together a nice tragus piercing collection that includes many types of jewelry, one infection, anti-tragus piercings, and a few celebrities like Rihanna that sport the popular body modification. May 15, 2010 by micrognome 1 Comment When grumpy diagnostician Dr Greg House got going on hospital infections in one of the early series of the eponymous TV show, he described nosocomial pathogens as germs that have become nasty teenagers with body piercings and attitude.
We got excited about Staph aureus when it started to do the teenage thing and step over the boundaries. It is better to check the ears daily for infection, swelling and discharge of fluid to assure that the pierced ears are in good condition.

For instance the private parts like genitals and lip are more prone to develop infection than other parts of the body, since it has more moisture content. Tragus piercings have become very popular and often accompany additional ear piercings, the most common being the ear lobe. Now that MRSA is common enough for us to use glycopeptide antibiotics like vancomycin on a daily basis, we have come to regret our profligate use of antibiotics in past decades. It is good to wipe off the ears with mild alcohol daily to avoid any infection on the ears. Sometimes the skin has to be peeled away for removing severe infection on the piercing site. You may also feel irritating pain and itching sensation on that area, it can be due to infection. We have to admit at least a little responsibility for raising hospital bacteria that have acquired nasty habits like antibiotic resistance and a capacity to cause infection in the more vulnerable of our patients. Not to be kept at the door, a crowd of Gram negative bacteria are clamouring for attention. A report that has just appeared in the Journal of Hospital Infection documents the emergence of a local Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain with little or no effective antibiotic countermeasures.
In case of infection, the initial symptom would be foul smell emanating from the infected ears followed by irritation and swelling.

When the infection is not treated for long time, it may affect the surrounding tissue and can cause damage to the ear. Normally it takes 2 to 3 days for the skin to get healed but sometimes it may develop into severe infection giving pain and inflammation on the affected part.
Do not delay in visiting your doctor if the piercing infection does not settle down in one or two days.
There may be crusty leakage of fluid from the affected part of the ear which is a sign of infection.
If the infection does not respond to topical antibiotic therapy the earring may need to be removed. Some experts predict that this will make our previous difficulties with MRSA look like a kindergarten picnic. There is chance for infection to develop if unsterilized tools and needles are used for piercing the skin. Although this is a community-acquired infection caused by intrinsically resistant Gram negative bacteria, it shows the impact of significantly reduced antibiotic options when making treatment choices for a patient with a severe infection.

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