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The style may vary by measurements, it is important to check the Size Chart before choose a size.
Irradiation is a process whereby radiation is used to alter a diamond or gem’s crystal lattice thereby creating color centers and changing the color of the gem.
Once a stone’s crystal lattice has been altered, the atoms are unstable and emit radiation. So who is checking to make sure these irradiated diamonds and gems are within acceptable levels? Naturally, I am not a nuclear physicist so my opinion should not be taken as scientific fact.
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It seems like everyone is coveting and talking about fancy yellow and pink diamonds these days but I am always appalled at how few people know about the color scale of white diamonds.
For the engagement ring buyer, it is always wise to go for the highest color that your budget allows for without sacrificing the size you have your heart set on. For those who are looking to simulate the look of a yellow diamond on a restricted budget, look for an X, Y or Z color but make sure the clarity is VS1 or better. I’m leaving for Shanghai tomorrow and no, of course I haven’t started packing yet! 1) Diamond Stud earrings: These are my every day earrings, they are conservative and truly go with everything. 5) I don’t tend to pack rings when I travel because rings are very particular to an outfit.

I received a question yesterday from a reader that I thought was absolutely brilliant and I feel it is my moral obligation to address it in a post.
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