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Minimal in their style, these necklaces come two to a pack featuring two rhinestone covered pendants including a thin crescent moon shape and a thin horizontal bar.
Beautifully crafted to magnify a woman’s ensemble with added style and beauty, Pure Gold Jewellers, the award winning jewellery retailer and the only World Diamond Mark certified retailer in the GCC, has launched artistically crafted tribal earringsinspired by the urbane tribal art.
Brilliant diamonds shimmer on a setting of rich 18K white gold, their brilliance set in a double-sided design providing contemporary appeal to any elegant look, and they are designed to be worn with the larger side peeking out from behind the lobe.
Set in a glittering cluster of 0.56 cent diamonds with a lustrous floral design on an 18K yellow gold sphere, these signature tribal earrings are priced at AED 3,699.

From shihara, a single 18k yellow gold chain earring with structured straight post, bent angular design and backless structure. Rubber earring backs are gentle on tender ear lobes, more comfortable and flexible than plastic.
Gold fill is made by using heat and pressure to apply a layer of karat gold to the base metal. Made In The Practical 13x60 Oblong Size, This Scarf Can Be Easily Thrown Over Any Outfit And Make A Subtle Fashion Statement.

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