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The earring holder boxes that you are about to see, aren’t the most important element in your house.
This beautifully made and very practical rectangular box for earrings are a fantastic way to store your favorite jewelry. Make these a little bigger with festive paper, and you have instant Christmas gift card holders.
When you are travelling : Pill Box As A Earring Organizer Another great traveling tip for your jewelry!

This beautiful Manzanita Wood Tree Jewelry Organizer has multiple branches for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and even some earrings. However, as you can see, they can make for a nice addition and a pretty thing to have at home.
The lovely jewelry stand also will accomodate decorate eggs and ornaments with its exquisite design making it a decorative home accessory. Feel free to browse through all the models, shapes and sizes, and find something for yourself.

The jewelry holder is made from genuine Manzanita Wood and features a higly polished base making it a lovely addition to a dresser top.

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