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If you happen to be searching for a jewelry wall storage, you have come to the right place. Organized and Pretty Closets - How to Organize Your Clothes - Good Housekeeping I spy Stella & Dot Jewelry!
A set of rustic organizers brings order to even the most unruly tangle of necklaces and statement earrings. If you want a cheap, and very effective, way to organize jewelry, accordion hooks are a great choice. Closet Jewelry Organizer A towel rack or two, some S-rings and toilet paper holders will give you plenty of behind the door storage for your jewelry. To hold a lot of pliers, it's easiest to just hook them onto the edge of a piece of wood.

Dawn Kruchoski of DMJ Discount Jewelry shared her pictures of her free standing pegboard display over on Rena's blog. Mindie over at the Bacon Time with the Hungry Hypo blog shared this super ring organizer idea using an ordinary thread organizer from her local Walmart store. Those of you who make romantic styled jewelry might be interested in Niamh's tutorial on Urban Threads.
I could kick myself now for throwing away the oven racks when my ancient stove finally quit.
Stephie also used paint to transform finds Goodwill store of wooden mug holders and a lazy susan into a fabulous jewelry organizer set. If features an hourglass shape, drawers with interior suede lining and silvery knobs as well a lifted top with a mirror.

You just attach them to the wall and then you can use them to keep necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry items organized. Her Lace on Lace jewelry holder is a lovely variation of the picture frame style of earring holders.
Staci and Marina over at JustSewSassy saw the potential of old racks and shared the tutorial.

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