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Summary: Here shows an easy yet stunning beaded dangle earrings pattern, in which youa€™ll learn the way to make a gorgeous crystal bead ball pendant for your dangle earrings. In this beaded dangle earring pattern, you’ll learn to make your own earrings by using some 4mm and 6mm bicone crystal glass beads only. Get loose beads in bulk from top China beads wholesaler online at cheap price for jewelry making.
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Though there is no intricate beading technique involved, these fabulous baubles may always help texture to any of your outfit, especially the themed ones. In fact, with the help of these beaded dangle earrings patterns and the affordable crystalized glass beads, you can make as many versions as you can. The earring in the photo below is my adaptation of the Arula Earrings pattern, which I blogged about HERE. Not only the patterns of the seed bead earrings are rich, but also the various color collocation. Did I mention these easy seed bead DIY earrings are perfect for those go-to, daily earrings that match everything?

I haven’t made any bracelets in these colors but I might make myself one in the turquoise color combination.

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