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Tragus Piercing Tragus ear piercing is the new trend these days, which is done at the end of the tunnel of the ear.
The tragus piercing aftercare is also very important for at least three months because it can cause infection, which will cause serious discomfort. This type of piercing is not very common these days but you can find many people who get it done.
The pain subsides only after a few days and if the care is not done, it might even case infection.
Saline solution has to be used on a daily basis on the piercing along with any other disinfectant, which has been suggested to you.
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The tragus ear piercings requires some special type of scissors and needles and so, you should go to a professional who is good at it so that it does not go wrong.
The gauge in case of tragus piercings is very important because the size of the ring depends on it and if a bigger or a smaller size is worn by mistake, it can cause serious trouble. After you apply the solution, you will have to twist the ring so that the solution goes inside the hole. When the piercing is being done, a little rubber is placed on the tragus and then the hole is made.
When the piercing is done, there will be a special ring, which will be inserted in the hole while piercing tragus, which you can take out only after it, has been healed properly. The tragus piercing healing time is a little longer than other types of piercing and you have to avoid sleeping on that side during the period so that it does not rub against the pillow causing further irritation.

Since the tragus is a very thick part of the ear, tragus piercing requires some force while inserting the needle and getting it on the other side. People even get vertical tragus piercing which is on the edge of the tragus and not on the main tragus. The tragus piercing cost is a little higher than the other types of piercing because it is done with special equipments and care. The vertical tragus surface piercing is also very common and you can find many people who get these done.

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